Let the blogging begin…

I finally did it, I finally created my lifestyle and beauty blog after many many months of deliberation!

The most important questions you are probably asking yourself right now is why did I start this blog and even more importantly why should you come back and keep reading, so here goes…

My name’s Leanne and I’m 22 years old. I recently bought a house with my long term boyfriend Andrew and we have 2 gorgeous Chorkie puppies. Aside from keeping a house, I love pretty much everything to do with beauty and fashion and am also a keen gym bunny and wannabe property developer/designer, which is why I thought I’d start this blog. For many years I’ve been reading and watching lifestyle vlogs and blogs (I’ll do a separate post on some of my faves soon!) and whilst I love them, I also feel slightly disconnected to them.

Anyone who knows me well will know that aside from the fact I go everywhere with a full face of make up on and love to experiment with hairstyles and fashions, I also love to save money and am never happier than when I pick up an absolute bargain! I’m addicted to eBay and Amazon and struggle to buy anything without searching for it online cheaper before committing to a purchase, but some of my blogging idols don’t seem to share my penchant for pinching the pennies!

If you love beauty, fashion, hair and home, or just want to learn more about being a 20-something growing up in an increasingly expensive and fashionable world, then look no further, because I am here and happy to help, so I hope you come back and keep reading 🙂

Leanne xx



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