My blogging inspirations

Hello again everyone,

As you may have seen elsewhere on my blog, I have been an avid blog subscriber and viewer for years, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites! I hope this post helps you find other blogs/vlogs which may interest you, allows you to get to know me better and provides you with more inspiration to really pursue and embrace your passion, whatever that may be 🙂



Pros: I love this Youtube channel and blog! This is one of my long term faves and one of the first I ever found. It seriously never gets old or boring and always has me coming back for more. This blog and Youtube channel was one of my biggest drivers to set up my blog and I hope to be even half as successful as they are 🙂 The reasons I love this are that the reviews and tutorials are really in depth and varied, but are also very current often sampling looks from celebs at big events.

Cons: Sam and Nic who run the blog are both professional make up artists so sometimes it is hard to get the looks down at home 😦 Also they use really expensive products and have a much bigger variety of products than anyone I know, which can be super frustrating when you really want inspiration or to nail a new look! and

Health and fitness:

Blogilates Blogilates-Cassey-Ho-talks-fitness-and-healthy-eating

Pros: This is one of my favourite fitness channels! I love Cassey Ho who runs this blog because she has amazing energy and passion for what she does. Her page and site are colourful and super engaging and she actually makes working out fun. As well as this, there are a whole range of videos including exercise and cooking and the videos are all different lengths and varieties. I spend a lot of time reading this blog and working out along to the videos at home and even better there is an amazing app as well for fitspiration on the move 🙂

Cons: This blog is soooo good that you can spend a LOT of time on there! It’s a massive   distraction for me (this is a terrible con as it just shows how great I think this is, but I really cannot think of anything else!) and

Lifestyle & Fashion:

Patricia Bright

Pros: I found this channel fairly recently, but it’s fast become one of my faves! I love the layout of Patricia Bright’s blog because it looks so clean, modern and easy to navigate, but I also loveloveLOVE her style. She writes and speaks in a way which makes you feel like you know her so she is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. (Plus she has such an amazing, effortless style which I would love to be able to pull off!)

Cons: As much as I’m obsessed with Patricia’s style, sometimes the products that she uses can be pretty pricey! They’re all gorgeous, but I definitely cannot justify spending such large sums of money on individual items (especially items like make up which I go through so quickly!!!) and


Pros: Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of Zoella! She is the most adorable, kooky vlogger with a very cute style which I don’t think could be replicated easily (by me at least) who does lovely videos on fashion and style. Similar to Patricia Bright’s blog and videos she has a really laid back style of presenting which really draws me in. 

zoellaCons: Again some of the products (not all!) which Zoella uses and reviews are quite expensive and this can sometimes make me feel a tad disconnected, especially because it can make it harder to try out the looks on yourself with different products. 

So I’ve just gone into detail on a few of my absolute faves but there are also a few more below which I didnt have time to go in to!

Becca Rose – and

Shaanxo –

Boobs & Loubs –

Alejandra TV –

Anyways, I know this was a bit of a random post but I hope it helps you get a bit of a background into who I am and the kind of things I’m in to! I’m sure there are loads more blogs and Youtube channels which I’ve missed off this list, so if you can think of any that I haven’t mentioned that are worth checking out, then let me know in the comments as I am always looking for new inspiration 🙂

Leanne xx






7 thoughts on “My blogging inspirations

  1. Oooh, some of my own favourites mentioned here too, but I’ll definitely try and check out those I haven’t heard of before!


      1. Pixiwoo, Shaanxo, and Zoella are some of my favourites! I’ve heard of a few others like blogilates but haven’t checked them out. yet! ❤


  2. Some of my faves mentioned here! The girl who inspired me to write this blog, I actually found while looking for makeup revolution reviews !! Her blog is She’s actually just so fab! She told me on IG she’s looking to go into youtube next so I can’t wait! 😊


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