And I’m ready for the weekend…

Hey blog fans! For this installment I thought I would do my first get ready with me post and explain how I go from daytime drab to party ready!

You’ll be getting a few of these over the coming weeks as July and August are proving to be very busy months with birthdays, weddings & parties galore, so I’m sorry if these begin to get old, but I’ll try to keep my make up and outfit looks fresh and different to keep you all entertained (and somewhere along the line I’ll try to get my camera up and running for a tutorial too!

So last weekend was a big one! It was my friend’s 30th birthday party so everyone was going all out on their hair, make up and outfits. Now, although this blog is called Lifestyle for Less I, like everyone else, have splurged on a couple of products which I reserve for special occasions, so I did bust out a couple of these to create this look, but don’t worry, I did also combine them with some of my frugal faves too and, of course, all these products can be substituted for others if you’re trying this out at home. As well as this, I realise this is quite early on in my blog to be putting a get ready with me post together as I haven’t done any reviews yet, but my next few posts will be detailed reviews and I’ll start with the products used in this look!

So let’s get going…

This is me before going out with absolutely no make up on!!!

This is me before going out with absolutely no make up on!!!

The best place to begin any look, day or night, is with a good base, so a decent moisturiser and primer are essential! The products I used for this look were Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector followed by the Seventeen Wow! Skin 3 Way Highlighter and Primer for an extra shimmer. After blending this on with my foundation brush (50p from Wilkinsons and one of the best I’ve used for blending liquids!) I apply a pea sized amount of my M.A.C Foundation in shade NC15 (which I bought duty free from the airport) and blend in until no lines can be seen and an even colour is achieved. Top tip: Make sure to blend this right up to behind your ears, down onto our neck and into your hairline so as not to achieve any unsightly marks!

The next step is my absolute favourite…contouring!!! If you haven’t tried this I would definitely advise to give it a go. To give it a try without breaking the bank you can purchase the two contour sets I use off of eBay for around £5 each (links below) and don’t let the cost fool you because both work really well and have a great selection of colours. On top of my M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation I begin by applying a lighter shade of the cream camouflage foundation under my eyes, in a triangle on my forehead and around the base of my nose and also above the centre of my upper lip (I think this is called the filtrum?!) I then take a colour at least 2 shades darker than my skin tone and apply on my lower cheeks, temples, nose, upper eyes, chin and jaw. Once this has all been applied, I take my Real Techniques blending brush and dab all of the colour in until completely blended. Now I know that the picture here looks pretty warrior stripes crazy but I promise the finished look is worth it!

                                   Contour make up                Contour make up       

20140726_173216Once you’re happy with your contour and the next step is to set all of your hard work with a powder. For this I used my Bare Skin Minerals loose powder (again from eBay) to set the cream and then followed this with a light brush of M.A.C Studio Fix powder in NC40 for some added colour. Once the foundation has been set I use my powder contour set to go over the areas where I applied the dark cream foundation with the darkest shade powder from the set. I do all of the powder contour, highlight and blush with my Real Techniques  brush (which I need to get another one of!) This should create a nice look which slims the face and nose, as well as creating the illusion of higher cheekbones. To further accentuate this I add a powder highlighter on the top of the nose and on top of the cheekbones (again Bare Skin Minerals) and blend before applying my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush in Pink Rose in between the two areas of contour and highlight. To finish it all off and to make sure the look is completely night time ready I use my Bourjois Bronzing Powder on the top of my forehead, over the contour on the cheeks, chin and nose to add a tanned glow!

Phew! The fa20140726_174610ce and base of the look is finally complete and now it’s time for the finishing touches and the part which really can make your look pop – the eyes! For this party I wanted a super vampy look with extra dark eyes paired with a bright red lip and big big hair. To achieve this, I started by applying my Benefit cream as my eye shadow primer, covering all of the socket and up onto the brow bone. On top of this I used my favourite ever eyeshadow palette Naked 2 by Urban Decay. This is definitely worth spending on as it’s so versatile for day or night and the colours have real staying power, but as ever, save up your loyalty card
points or wait for promotional offers for this as eventhough it’s good, at £37 at full price it’s pretty costly (but of course I didn’t pay full price for mine!) Using the small brush which comes with the set I smoothed Chopper all over the lids and20140729_201531 just onto the socket bone, before using the same brush with Pistol on the mid to outside and just below Chopper in to the socket. To create the super dark look which I wanted I then used Blackout on the outer edge of the eye and all along the socket as well as under the eye on the outside corner. To really add to this dramatic look I used my black kohl eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline, added some Collection 2000 Black Gel Eyeliner into a winged effect followed by a slick of Seventeen Blow Out mascara before perfecting the look with 110 Eyelure false eyelashes.

After using heated rollers on my hair and a bit of a cheeky back comb voila I was ready to go and here is the finished look…


Reading this all back it’ sounds like such a long and complicated process, but it actually took longer to write this post about how to achieve this than it did to actually do it! If this looks like something you’d like to do give it a go and if you do try it, share me your pics on Instagram as I’d love to see them as well as any other looks you love and would like me to try. 

Don’t forget to like share and follow if you enjoyed this, Leanne xx

Links to the contour sets and Bare Skin Minerals:

Cream contour –

Powder contour –

Bare Skin Minerals from a great eBay seller called Mineral Shack –


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