Tutorial – Engagement party look

Hey everyone,

I’m so glad to have found the time to write a full length blog post! It feels like it’s been ages since I really got the time to do this last, so I apologise, however, I’m more organised now and finally feel like everything is finally in order to allow me to concentrate on my writing and pursuing my passion some more 🙂

Recently I went to my friend’s engagement party, which was an amazing night out and thought I’d share with you my hair, make up and outfit to maybe give you inspiration of future looks to try.

So to mix it up a bit this time I’ll start with the outfit…

The finished look

For the party I decided to go for a summery/dramatic look so for the outfit I picked a cute pink and white striped scuba skater dress which cost me £5 from Northweald Market! The shoes which you can see cost me £9.99 from eBay (both of which are featured in my August haul post) and my jacket and bag are really old! The leather jacket is my trusty favourite and is from the Kardashian Kollection but I can’t remember where the bag is from sorry 😦

20140816_194731    20140816_194708This outfit all together cost me less than £20 (which nobody believed when I told them!) so it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend loads of money on a fancy outfit to look nice. So now on to the next step…

To achieve the more dramatic edge to my look I decided to do a summery smokey eye and bright pink lip, with big lashes and dark eyebrows. Obviously to achieve this I started with a clean and moisturised face before starting with a good base.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Baby Skin Primer and Pore Minimiser by Maybelline so this was the first product I used. I applied this all over my face before then applying a small amount of Stay Time Concealer by Seventeen on to any dark or discoloured areas of my skin. After this I mixed together my Garnier BB Cream and MAC Studio Fix Foundation on my foundation brush before applying all over my face. Once this was blended in I used the lightest shade from my cream contour palette (read all about it here) under my eyes to really highlight and lighten them. On top of this cream contour I also applied my Seventeen Liquid Highlighter to really accent the top of my cheekbone. To set all of this I went to my all-time favourite powder! This is a powder I’ve talked about before (and will find the time to fully review soon) and is from a store on eBay called Mineral Shack. It’s actually a mineral foundation, however, I love to use this as a setting powder as it stays all day and night whilst giving a full coverage without being too heavy. It’s basically a cheaper version of Bare Minerals foundation, and out of all the “drug-store” mineral and setting powders I’ve used this is by far the best!

Once the foundations have been laid for the face (excuse the pun!) I begin with the contouring. For an evening event like this one, I do like to apply quite a heavy contour to the face to really bring the look up a notch from the day time. To do this I apply the darkest shade from my powder contour palette (which you can read all about here) under my cheekbones, to shape my nose and also near to my temples. I blend all of this in on top of the setting powder, before adding my MAC Blush in Dollymix onto the apple of my cheeks, my Bourjois Bronzer on top of my forehead, down the edge of the nose and under the jawline before finishing by applying my Mineral Shack Mineral Highlighter onto the top of the cheekbone, alongside and under the nose, a touch under the eyebrows and also a small amount onto the cupids bow.

Once this is done it’s on to the fun bit, the eyes!

To get a perfect smokey eye I used my Naked 2 palette and first off selected the shade pistol to apply all over the lid. Once this was applied, I decided that to really make the eyes pop and fit in with the season of summer and the fun nature of my outfit, I’d use a coloured eyeshadow as a crease highlighter. Because the colour scheme of this look was heavily focussed on pink, I decided to use a bright pink shade from the palette from my August Haul post before adding Blackout onto the crease, the corners of the lid and onto the lower lash line. Once this was done I used my Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner to draw a winged flick on the upper eye before applying my Eyelure eyelashes in size 110. To really complete this look, I then used a black kohl eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line, before using my liquid highlighter on the inner tear ducts to make the eyes appear bigger. Once this was all finished, because it was an evening event, I decided to do a darker eyebrow, so I used my HD Brows Eyebrow Pencil in Brown to follow the natural arch of my eyelash before filling in to create full, dark and dramatic eyebrows to finish off. I used my Seventeen Lip Crayon in a Hot Pink Shade to add a pop of colour to the lips, before fixing this all in place with my Avene Water Spray.

For my hair I wanted to keep it a bit simpler, so all I did was on clean and conditioned hair I centre parted my hair, before backcombing at the crown. Once this was done I then sectioned the hair off and began curling with my GHD Straighteners before brushing out with my back comb brush to create a messy curled look with some volume at the roots. Once this was done I fixed the hair in place with Silvikrin Extra Hold Hairspray. And voila, I was all done and ready to go.

I still hate posting the before pictures :(

I still hate posting the before pictures 😦


 After 20140816_194426


I know written down this sounds like a super long and complicated process, but all in all including my hair and getting dressed it took about 1 hour to get ready, which is not an awful lot longer than it takes me to get ready day to day 🙂 I hope you found this post useful and that it might inspire you to try something new be it a bolder colour of eyeshadow or even just a trip to your local markets, but more than anything, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I truly enjoy writing them and putting these looks together!

As always please like, share, follow and more importantly comment if you liked this post or if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see me do next! Thanks again for reading ♥

Lots of love, Leanne xx




Get donating – Ice Bucket Challenge!

iceHey everyone! 

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and let the video do the talking as it’s all about the viral charity campaign the Ice Bucket Challenge!

I took part in the challenge today along with my boyfriend and although I had some concerns about the waste of water, I felt that the awareness and money raised to all charities involved outweighed my concerns.

I’ve donated money to both MND Association and to WaterAid, so contrary to the normal content of my blog, instead of scrimping and saving get donating! Anything you can spare will be invaluable to any charities even if it’s not the ones I’ve donated to, so please dig deep and I hope you enjoy the video!

If you’ve done the challenge then please share the links to your videos and the charities you’ve donated to in the comments and as always please like share and comment this post! The more people see this and get involved the better 😀

Watch my video here…

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Weight loss and exercise – How I do it!

Hey everyone, it’s a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – although when I say lovely I mean rainy, but it’s still fun!

I thought to change it up a bit today I would just do a casual post with no reviews or tutorials (although I have loads of those to do soon) and that I’d just post about the importance of staying healthy and looking after yourself.

For those of you that don’t know me, when I was younger I was an acrobatic gymnast and was also a dancer in a number of shows and pantomimes. Now I’ve always been pretty little (I’m only 5ft!) but doing so much sport meant I was always really slim and toned. However, when I was in my late teens I had to give gymnastics up due to an injury and around the same time I also met my boyfriend and began working a full time desk job. I noticed that over the course of several years, I’d gone from a UK size 6 to a size 12 and was feeling uncomfortable in the way I looked and became even more self conscious than I was before! However, last year I saw a photo of me which I really disliked in a gown at an awards ceremony and decided enough was enough. I was going to do something about my weight and get back to being healthy and happy with my body!

And that’s when my mental focus changed, instead of changing my style to hide the bits about myself that I hated, I thought I’d change those bits instead. I signed up to my local gym and began doing cardio sessions 2-3 times a week as well as taking up yoga once a week and signing up to my local Slimming World group. I must say, that I’m writing this half way through my journey, I’m still not at the end, however, I’m so much happier now and wanted to write to inspire any of my readers that if you’re not happy with how you look or are feeling self conscious, you can change this! Whether you’re unhappy with your weight, or conscious about your skin, there is so much you can do and the most important thing I’ve found is having a positive mental attitude! It was only once I was truly honest about my appearance and faced my demons that I was able to change. And it was truly the best thing I ever did! I am so much more comfortable in my skin and my weight loss journey has led to a completely different me. I’ve renewed my interest and passion for fashion and design, which had completely gone this time last year and have become so comfortable and confident that I was finally able to start this blog, which I would never have had the guts to do before.

Anyways, I’ve now lost 1 stone and around 12 inches all over but still have another 7 or 8 lbs to go. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, but it’s definitely worth it! I’m struggling at the moment to get back on track as I’ve had holidays, events, weekends away and injuries which have taken me away from the gym the past few months and meant I’ve lost my food focus, however, I am now back on it! I want to lose my remaining weight before my birthday in October and my eyes are firmly on the prize!

Now I mentioned Slimming World earlier and haven’t really covered that yet, so thought I would recap. Slimming World for those of you who might not know is a weight loss group and guide which teaches you how to eat healthily and lose weight for good (without being hungry or giving up carbs!) I was always really sceptical about these groups before, but now I’m in one I think they’re amazing. I need the motivation of being weighed by someone each week to keep pushing me forward as when I’ve tried on my own at home before, I’ve always lost my way very easily. Like I said, it’s really worked for me and for lots of my friends and colleagues who have also joined and the support from the other members of my group also really inspires me!

I also mentioned above about my gym routine. When I started I really didn’t know what I was doing so would stick to the cardio machines and never really changed my workouts up, so they quickly got boring and stale. Luckily for me, the gym I go to is a bodybuilding gym (sounds scary but it’s awesome!) and some of the guys at the gym I go to have taken me under their wing and are teaching me how to lose weight and tone up my whole body, whilst having fun! One thing I will say, is if you do go to the gym, don’t be scared of weight training! Women don’t bulk up like men do, so don’t worry about that, and something you might not know is that weight training actually makes your metabolism work longer and harder than it would if you were doing the same workout without weights. If you need help or don’t know where to start (like me) then approach someone in the gym who you see there regularly and see if they could help you with your training or ask for some help from one of the team who work there. You’ll be surprised at how much people are willing to help when it’s something they are interested in. However, don’t worry if you hate going to the gym, find classes which don’t feel like a chore to go to or take up something gentler like swimming or yoga!


Me before on the far left!

Me before on the far left!

Me after - 1 year on and 1 stone lighter!

Me after – 1 year on and 1 stone lighter!

Anyways, that’s all from me for now because I’m going out for dinner soon (how ironic when I’ve just written about healthy eating and exercise) I’ll keep you updated on how I get on over the next few months, so if you aren’t sure where to start or have been thinking about making a lifestyle change, why not do it now so we can be in this change together? Also, if you have any hints on tips on how you’ve lost weight or how to ensure you’ve always got a positive mental attitude then please let me know in the comments below J I really hoped that this post helped inspire you or just reassured you that everyone is different and that’s okay! If you liked it then as always please like, share, comment and follow!

Lots of love, Leanne xx





Product Review – Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water Make Up Fixing Spray

Hello my lovely followers!

Today I’ve decided to shake it up a bit and do a product review. I was going to do another get ready with me post, but I’ve done a few of those already, so I thought “why not mix it up and do a review instead!”

The product I am reviewing today features in my “August Favourites So Far” post and is the Eau Thermale Spring Water by Avene. I’m going to be honest and say that I’d never heard of them before either, and just happened to stumble across this brand! I was told about this product when I went into Boots a few weeks ago asking for a make-up fixing spray (which they didn’t have?!) and they advised that this was a good alternative. It wasn’t too expensive so I decided I’d give it a go and if nothing else at least I’d have another product to tell you all about 🙂

Avene Thermal Spring Water

For some background, Avene is an affordable French skin care brand which primarily manufactures products for people with sensitive skin. The Thermal Spring Water Spray is actually marketed as a moisturising and soothing spray which can aid to calm down redness and irritation but also boasts that it acts as a good make up setting spray. On the shelf it looks good with simple and crisp packaging and is a really good size to carry around in your make up bag, but to be honest, I wouldn’t bother as, as a fixing spray it was only mildly average to use 😦

When I began testing this product I’d been finishing my make up with a spritz of this on top of my Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Better Skin foundation, which as a combo, were amazing! Without the fixing spray and primer I find that my skin can get quite oily which leads to my make up separating and leaving a patchy finish, however with the primer and spray it looked immaculate at the end of the day. (The only difference was that my face had a dewy sheen to it, which I loved) However, when I tested the product further and without the Baby Skin Primer, I noticed that by my make up had started to separate again, which makes me think that the primer was actually doing the majority of the work!

Before and after work using Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, Better Skin Foundation and Avene Spring Water

Before and after work using Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, Better Skin Foundation and Avene Spring Water

Now to be fair to the product, this isn’t its main selling point and when I tried it as a soothing, moisturising spray it really did the trick! At the end of the day when your skin can look and feel dry and tired, one spray of this really lifted me up and made me look fresh and awake. As well, it’s only £6.50 for a 150ml bottle at Boots which seems like it will last forever as you really don’t need to use much at each application, and even better is that Boots are currently doing 2 Avene products for £10 (with Advantage Card Points – cha-ching!) I’ll be trying other Avene products as they feel so light and fresh and this has worked wonders for my skin, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this offer and of course reviewing them here for you!

In summary, I won’t be rushing to purchase this product again. First I’ll be looking to try another setting spray (I’ve heard MUA at Superdrug do a good one?) and will be saving this purely for my skin care regime. I’d give this product a 3/5 as for the purpose I purchased it, it really wasn’t that great, but as a moisturising and soothing spray it’s amazing! Definitely give it a go if you’re going on holiday and want something to freshen you up throughout the day, as this would be perfect for that, however, save your money if you want something to really keep your make up in place.

I hope you found this review useful and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please let me know of any products you’d like me to review in the comments below and if you have a favourite setting spray you’d recommend I’d love to hear about that too! As always, please like, share and comment if you’ve enjoyed this!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


I can’t believe I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

blog award

Hey everyone, I know it’s unusual for me to do posts two days in a row but this is a special one (plus I got my new PC which makes blogging just that little bit easier!) Last night I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the amazing blogger Amy from Dancingindior!

Thanks for nominating me Amy – I’m so happy that you of all the bloggers I follow nominated me because I LOVE your blog! It’s so friendly, inspiring and inviting and makes me push myself to become an even better blogger 🙂 If you haven’t already definitely check her out!

Anyways, here’s how it works…

The Rules:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

– Put the award logo on your blog.

– Answer the ten questions they have set you.

– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

– Nominate ten people

 Amy’s questions to me were:

 1.Favourite budget beauty brand?

 My fave budget beauty brand is probably Seventeen which is available in Boots! I find that no matter which of their products I’ve tried, they all exceed my expectations. I especially love their nude lipstick as it’s really creamy and easy to apply and such a beautiful colour 🙂 (This is on my list of products to review!)

2.Red eyeshadow – Yay or nay?

I’m probably going to say yes – but only if it’s used as a crease colour! I love using vibrant colours to add a pop of fun to an otherwise safe or simple look, however I think red eye shadow all over would be too much.

3. Are you a MAC fan? Or can you do without?

I’m definitely a fan of MAC products but not such a fan of the price 😦 I absolutely adore my Studio Finish MAC foundation and powder as they last on the face for hours and their range of lipsticks is amazing. I save my MAC goodies for special occasions though, as I don’t want to run out too quickly!

4.Who is your favourite YouTube BBlogger?

It’s really hard to pick a favourite BBlogger as I love and follow so many! For now my favourite is probably Becca Rose though as I love her fun personality and can literally watch her vids for hours – definitely check her out if you haven’t already 🙂 If you want to know more about my other faves check out my recent post on them all here

5. If you could only do one for the rest of your life, would it be eyes or lips?

That’s easy – eyes! I was always told when I was growing up that if you can’t do anything else do your eyes as they grab attention and I’ve stuck to that as my life motto. You can have the most fun doing eyes as well as the potential looks are limitless!

 6. Favourite Foundation?

 I know I’ve said it already but it would probably have to be my MAC studio fix!

7. Who would your makeup idol be?

This is a tricky one! I guess one of my first idols in general based on their appearance (and their demeanour) is probably Lauren Conrad. I love how she always looks so effortlessly gorgeous no matter what the occasion and I definitely have major hair envy.

8. What is your best beauty/skin care tip or trick?

Always take your make up off before bed! Even if you are sleepy or drunk please just take it off girls! Nothing will age you faster or damage your skin more than sleeping in a dirty face of makeup. That and using Sudocrem on blemishes J

9. Favourite season for makeup looks? S/S or A/W?

I like all seasons to be honest, but I guess I would go with A/W more as my favourite shades are definitely browns, golds and greys which work so well in Autumn/Winter, especially with heeled boots and a big hat and coat!

10. What is the biggest faux pass when it comes to makeup in your opinion?

It has to be when people don’t properly blend foundation. When I was younger I was in a few pantomimes and as anyone who has ever done anything on the stage will know, the make up is heavy and dramatic! I think that my background in performing through years of gymnastics and a bit of dancing really prompted my love of make up, especially when it’s dramatic! Anyways, (I go off topic so easily, sorry!) because the foundation you use on stage is so dark it’s really important that you blend it well so here is where I learnt to blend your foundation all the way down your neck and up onto your ears, so this is what I recommend to everyone, because having a foundation mask is never ever okay!

11. Dramatic black smokey eyes – Yay or nay?

Always yay of course! I don’t think smokey eyes are ever too much day or night and I do a less dramatic version most days 😀 Just pick the right colours and match with the rest of your look! Plus they’ll never be out of fashion 🙂 

Okay so my questions are:

1. If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

2. What’s your favourite mascara?

3. What made you start a blog?

4. What’s your favourite ever product?

5. Do you prefer high end or budget brands and why?

6. What is your night time/evening skin care routine?

7. How long does it take you to get ready on an average day?

8. Who is your style crush?

9. What got you interested in make up, fashion and beauty?

10. Outlandish lip stick colours (greens, blues, purples etc) are they okay?

And I nominate…




The Sartorial Coquette






alysons junk

Hope you liked my answers! If you have any more questions for me then let me know in the comments below 😀

Lots of love, Leanne xx

August favourites so far!

Hey everyone! Now I know we are only half way through August, but somehow I seem to have amassed lots of new and exciting products that I just couldn’t wait to share with you 🙂 They are a mixture of fashion and beauty goodies, but all of them were bargains (of course!)

I won’t be going in to detail about all of the products in this post, but I will do follow up review posts on some of these very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those. As well, if there are any products featured that you really want to know more about, then please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to do one!

August's halfway haulThe main items you can see are the latest fashion goodies I’ve purchased so I guess this is the best place to start!

At the beginning of August I took a trip to Northweald Market to see what there was to offer there and I must say, if you live nearby and have a spare Saturday afternoon, it’s definitely worth checking out! They have a great range of stalls including all of the latest fashions, food and home ware and that is where I got the two dresses that you can see 🙂 If you don’t live nearby then I would definitely suggest getting online and checking out markets local to you as they are a great place to pick up some bargains and also make a really nice,affordable day out.

The pink dress on the left was £10 and is a gorgeous skater dress in a hot pink scuba material with a cut out in the back. I bought it because I needed something to wear for an engagement party I went to last night (I’ll be doing a get the look tutorial on this in my next post) and thought this was a good candidate and at only £10 for such a high quality dress I just couldn’t say no! I didnt even wear it in the end, but am already looking forward to the next party or night out I can wear this to! The other dress in this pic was an even bigger bargain at only £5 and is a strapless skater dress in a really interesting thick crepe material. Normally, I hate strapless dresses, however this had loops to attach straps so I ordered some white ones off of eBay for 99p and added these to the dress and then ended up wearing this to the engagement party! It got loads of compliments, and when people found out it had only cost me £5 they were shocked (which is always a good thing!) If you haven’t seen already, I uploaded a pic of my outfit to Instagram (@leebee91) so head on over there and check it out. Anyways, moving on to the rest of the haul, I decided that I NEEDED a pair of nude heels as I didn’t own any and they work with any outfit in any situation, so seemed like a solid investment. After trawling round the shops, I couldn’t find any that I liked that weren’t stupidly expensive, so I turned to my favourite place for online shopping… eBay! (I’m sure by now you can all see how much I love eBay)

Searching for UK sellers with fast delivery I managed to find two pairs of nude heels that I loved and couldn’t decide between so ended up ordering them both. When they arrived, both were every bit as beautiful as expected and with a combined cost less than a pair of similar heels from the high street I definitely felt like the cat that got the cream (or the blogger that got the shoes :p) The pair on the left are a suede platform with leather top and cuff which cost £9.99, and the pair on the right are a slightly lower heeled suede pair with a demi wedge which cost £19.99. The pair on the left are one of the best shoe purchases I’ve ever made and I really don’t want to ever have to take them off. Unfortunately, they are a bit too high to wear to work, but if I could I would, trust me! They are so comfortable and look amazing on and luckily for me they also come in black so I expect to be purchasing these soon too – my new favourites for sure!

Anyways on to the beauty haul – now I won’t go in to too much detail here as most of these items I’ll be reviewing but in the haul so far are:

Maybelline Baby Lips 

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Minimiser and Primer (life changing product!)

Wilkinsons Foundation and Blusher brushes

Cheap eyeshadow pallette (not sure of the brand sorry)

Eau Thermale by Avene 

3 Essence quick dry nail varnishes (Wilkinsons own brand of beauty products)

Definitely check out the products I’ve linked as I’ve already tried these and so far am pretty impressed!

Anyways, as I write this it’s getting pretty late so I’m going to leave it there but please do keep an eye out for follow ups to this post to find out about the new beauty products that I’ve purchased to see what I think of them. As always links to any products I’ve already purchased and that are available online are below and if you liked this or want to know more please like, comment, share and subscribe 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Links to products:

Suede and Leather nude heels

Suede demi wedge heels


And I’m ready for the weekend pt. 2

Hey blog fans! Now I know I’ve done one of these posts already but I said in my last “And I’m ready for the weekend post” I had a few events coming up so I thought I would do another one to let you know about my look for this weekend 🙂

I went to a wedding reception on Friday evening and was wearing a black playsuit (I didn’t get a photo of this, but Ill try to get one soon!) so went with a lighter and brighter make up look to make it a bit more wedding-esque.

The base of the look was really similar to last time but I’ll go through it again as it was slightly different (sorry if you read the last post too and feel like you’ve already seen this!)

Oh and before we start, just a quick disclaimer! Below is a photo of me without makeup (shield your eyes!) which I have been super anxious about uploading. Now anyone who knows me will tell you that they‘ve probably never seen me without make up as I wear it everywhere. I love wearing make up as it makes me feel completely put together and I also love experimenting with different colours, looks and styles Apart from that though, it also makes me feel more confident in my appearance. I’ve never had flawless skin and suffer from breakouts and some colour patchiness, and as you’ll see in the picture, last week I had a pretty nasty breakout! However, with good make up application, practise and patience, I can cover this up and be back to feeling and looking my best again until it clears up. I nearly didn’t post this picture, but I figured that I started this blog to help others to look good without breaking the bank, but also to show that anyone can get involved with beauty and lifestyle no matter what your shape, size or appearance – spots and all! If this help’s just one reader get over their insecurities, it will be worth it J

Anyways let’s get started with getting ready…

As always when you are doing your face, I always make sure to start with a clean and dry base to ensure that the primer and foundation sits evenly on the skin to avoid creating any patchiness.

I decided to shake things up a bit for the reception as because my planned outfit was so dark and it was still pretty light outside I didn’t want to look caked in make up, so instead of applying a primer and then a foundation I mixed the two together on my brush and applied this way. (Primer – Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – read my review of this product at https://lifestyleforless.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/product-review-garnier-bb-cream-miracle-skin-perfector/ and  Foundation – M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation in shade NC15)


This gave my M.A.C foundation a really lovely shimmer and gave a really good level of coverage without being too heavy. After blending this all in with my beloved make up brush from Wilkinsons (I picked up some more of these over the weekend for 50p too – but more details of this are to be included in a later blog post!) and adding some Seventeen Stay Time Concealer iin shade Extra Fair on to problem areas, I moved on to setting the foundation with a light dusting of powder. To do this, I used my Mineral Shack Foundation in shade Fair Porcelain (I’ve mentioned this product before, but the eBay shop has recently changed it’s name. They used to be called Bare Skin Minerals but are now called Mineral Shack. I’ll link below, but apologies for any confusion this might have caused!) I have nearly run out of this product, but will definitely be ordering more as it is my fave for both day and night J Anyways, to apply this I dab my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and then apply in circles all over my face. Once this is done, it’s time for contour and bronzing!  Like I said before, I really didn’t want this look to be too heavy, so I only used my powder contour set and applied under my cheekbones, along my nose, temples and around my jaw with my Real Techniques Contour Brush (https://lifestyleforless.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/and-im-ready-for-the-weekend/) before blending in with my mineral powder again using circular sweeps. Once this is all done to finish, I sweep over my favourite Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer on the contoured areas, before applying highlighter also from Mineral Shack (incl link) on top of my cheekbones, nose and eyebrow arch and finish the face with a straight sweep of Rimmel London Blusher in Pink Rose in between the place where I’ve applied my contour and highlighter.

Once this is finished it’s time to move on to the eyes…

Normally I prefer a dark smoky eye, but recently I’ve seen a lot of looks which use pinks and reds to really make the eyes pop, so I thought I would give it a go (I think it worked, although let me know in the comments below what you think!)


To start I began by applying the lightest shade in my Rimmel London Glam Eyes set (Brixton Brown) all over the lid and crease line. To follow this I applied the shade Bootycall from my Naked 2 pallet all over the lid. I applied this by dabbing the colour on, instead of brushing, to avoid any colour spread and to enhance the finished look. Once this was done I applied my crease colour. To achieve a dramatic but summery look, I applied the shimmery red/pink shade from the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Set onto the crease line and onto the outer corner of the eye both on top and bottom of the lashes and then blended this up and out so it was visible when my eyes were closed. To really complete the look I used my black Kohl eyeliner by Natural Collection to both my upper and lower lash line and then added a thin amount of Collection Lasting Colour gel eyeliner in a winged style to my upper lash line. After a quick slick of my 17 Blow Out mascara, I then applied some Eyelure lashes in style 100 (really good for length without being OTT) and the make up is all complete!

For my hair, I just backcombed the top with my backcomb brush (£1 from Primark) before clipping up into a bouffant style and twisting the shorter lengths into a spiral at the back and then curled the remaining lengths and spritzed with hairspray and then voila we are all done and ready to party!

No make up - sorry!

No make up – sorry!

There was really bad light in this picture - sorry again!

There was really bad light in this picture – sorry again!


So there you have it! That’s how I achieved my look for the wedding reception I went to recently. It sounds really long and complicated when I write it all down, but from start to finish it takes no time at all! Apologies are in order as well! I went to the reception on Friday and wanted to upload this on Sunday but my laptop isn’t working very well L I’m getting a new PC soon (hopefully in the next week) so once this is done I can upload more frequently and finally branch out in to tutorials and haul vids on Youtube yay!

That’s it from me for now, but as ever I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! If you did please leave your comments below and remember to share the love with your friends and family 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Powder contour: Powder contour – http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-6-Colors-Contour-Face-Powder-Blush-Blusher-Palette-Kit-6-1-/191261523189?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Make_Up_Cosmetics_Mascara_PP&hash=item2c88133cf5

Mineral Powder from eBay seller Mineral Shack – http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320848328250