Product Review – Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water Make Up Fixing Spray

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Today I’ve decided to shake it up a bit and do a product review. I was going to do another get ready with me post, but I’ve done a few of those already, so I thought “why not mix it up and do a review instead!”

The product I am reviewing today features in my “August Favourites So Far” post and is the Eau Thermale Spring Water by Avene. I’m going to be honest and say that I’d never heard of them before either, and just happened to stumble across this brand! I was told about this product when I went into Boots a few weeks ago asking for a make-up fixing spray (which they didn’t have?!) and they advised that this was a good alternative. It wasn’t too expensive so I decided I’d give it a go and if nothing else at least I’d have another product to tell you all about 🙂

Avene Thermal Spring Water

For some background, Avene is an affordable French skin care brand which primarily manufactures products for people with sensitive skin. The Thermal Spring Water Spray is actually marketed as a moisturising and soothing spray which can aid to calm down redness and irritation but also boasts that it acts as a good make up setting spray. On the shelf it looks good with simple and crisp packaging and is a really good size to carry around in your make up bag, but to be honest, I wouldn’t bother as, as a fixing spray it was only mildly average to use 😦

When I began testing this product I’d been finishing my make up with a spritz of this on top of my Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Better Skin foundation, which as a combo, were amazing! Without the fixing spray and primer I find that my skin can get quite oily which leads to my make up separating and leaving a patchy finish, however with the primer and spray it looked immaculate at the end of the day. (The only difference was that my face had a dewy sheen to it, which I loved) However, when I tested the product further and without the Baby Skin Primer, I noticed that by my make up had started to separate again, which makes me think that the primer was actually doing the majority of the work!

Before and after work using Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, Better Skin Foundation and Avene Spring Water
Before and after work using Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, Better Skin Foundation and Avene Spring Water

Now to be fair to the product, this isn’t its main selling point and when I tried it as a soothing, moisturising spray it really did the trick! At the end of the day when your skin can look and feel dry and tired, one spray of this really lifted me up and made me look fresh and awake. As well, it’s only £6.50 for a 150ml bottle at Boots which seems like it will last forever as you really don’t need to use much at each application, and even better is that Boots are currently doing 2 Avene products for £10 (with Advantage Card Points – cha-ching!) I’ll be trying other Avene products as they feel so light and fresh and this has worked wonders for my skin, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this offer and of course reviewing them here for you!

In summary, I won’t be rushing to purchase this product again. First I’ll be looking to try another setting spray (I’ve heard MUA at Superdrug do a good one?) and will be saving this purely for my skin care regime. I’d give this product a 3/5 as for the purpose I purchased it, it really wasn’t that great, but as a moisturising and soothing spray it’s amazing! Definitely give it a go if you’re going on holiday and want something to freshen you up throughout the day, as this would be perfect for that, however, save your money if you want something to really keep your make up in place.

I hope you found this review useful and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please let me know of any products you’d like me to review in the comments below and if you have a favourite setting spray you’d recommend I’d love to hear about that too! As always, please like, share and comment if you’ve enjoyed this!

Lots of love, Leanne xx



7 thoughts on “Product Review – Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water Make Up Fixing Spray

  1. I used to use this a couple of years ago to freshen up after being in a dry air conditioned environment all day and then I sort of forgot about it! Your post has inspired me to repurchase again!! 🙂


  2. I got this product in an Ipsy bag, and my beef with it is that it is literally just water. They’re bottling and pressurizing water and selling it at exorbitant prices claiming it’ll cure everything that ails you. You’re better off with a drugstore setting spray – or even just bottled water! So I’m with you; I wouldn’t spend my money on this product.


    1. Definitely looking for another setting spray! I feel that even hairspray would hold my make up in place more than this product did 😦 I’m hoping the other Avene products are good though as I like their general ethos and light hypoallergenic-ness (couldn’t think of another description sorry!) xx

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look out for this when I go shopping this weekend 🙂 I’m not usually a serum user either so probably wouldn’t have tried this without your comment so thanks! Xx


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