Tutorial – Engagement party look

Hey everyone,

I’m so glad to have found the time to write a full length blog post! It feels like it’s been ages since I really got the time to do this last, so I apologise, however, I’m more organised now and finally feel like everything is finally in order to allow me to concentrate on my writing and pursuing my passion some more 🙂

Recently I went to my friend’s engagement party, which was an amazing night out and thought I’d share with you my hair, make up and outfit to maybe give you inspiration of future looks to try.

So to mix it up a bit this time I’ll start with the outfit…

The finished look

For the party I decided to go for a summery/dramatic look so for the outfit I picked a cute pink and white striped scuba skater dress which cost me £5 from Northweald Market! The shoes which you can see cost me £9.99 from eBay (both of which are featured in my August haul post) and my jacket and bag are really old! The leather jacket is my trusty favourite and is from the Kardashian Kollection but I can’t remember where the bag is from sorry 😦

20140816_194731    20140816_194708This outfit all together cost me less than £20 (which nobody believed when I told them!) so it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend loads of money on a fancy outfit to look nice. So now on to the next step…

To achieve the more dramatic edge to my look I decided to do a summery smokey eye and bright pink lip, with big lashes and dark eyebrows. Obviously to achieve this I started with a clean and moisturised face before starting with a good base.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Baby Skin Primer and Pore Minimiser by Maybelline so this was the first product I used. I applied this all over my face before then applying a small amount of Stay Time Concealer by Seventeen on to any dark or discoloured areas of my skin. After this I mixed together my Garnier BB Cream and MAC Studio Fix Foundation on my foundation brush before applying all over my face. Once this was blended in I used the lightest shade from my cream contour palette (read all about it here) under my eyes to really highlight and lighten them. On top of this cream contour I also applied my Seventeen Liquid Highlighter to really accent the top of my cheekbone. To set all of this I went to my all-time favourite powder! This is a powder I’ve talked about before (and will find the time to fully review soon) and is from a store on eBay called Mineral Shack. It’s actually a mineral foundation, however, I love to use this as a setting powder as it stays all day and night whilst giving a full coverage without being too heavy. It’s basically a cheaper version of Bare Minerals foundation, and out of all the “drug-store” mineral and setting powders I’ve used this is by far the best!

Once the foundations have been laid for the face (excuse the pun!) I begin with the contouring. For an evening event like this one, I do like to apply quite a heavy contour to the face to really bring the look up a notch from the day time. To do this I apply the darkest shade from my powder contour palette (which you can read all about here) under my cheekbones, to shape my nose and also near to my temples. I blend all of this in on top of the setting powder, before adding my MAC Blush in Dollymix onto the apple of my cheeks, my Bourjois Bronzer on top of my forehead, down the edge of the nose and under the jawline before finishing by applying my Mineral Shack Mineral Highlighter onto the top of the cheekbone, alongside and under the nose, a touch under the eyebrows and also a small amount onto the cupids bow.

Once this is done it’s on to the fun bit, the eyes!

To get a perfect smokey eye I used my Naked 2 palette and first off selected the shade pistol to apply all over the lid. Once this was applied, I decided that to really make the eyes pop and fit in with the season of summer and the fun nature of my outfit, I’d use a coloured eyeshadow as a crease highlighter. Because the colour scheme of this look was heavily focussed on pink, I decided to use a bright pink shade from the palette from my August Haul post before adding Blackout onto the crease, the corners of the lid and onto the lower lash line. Once this was done I used my Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner to draw a winged flick on the upper eye before applying my Eyelure eyelashes in size 110. To really complete this look, I then used a black kohl eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line, before using my liquid highlighter on the inner tear ducts to make the eyes appear bigger. Once this was all finished, because it was an evening event, I decided to do a darker eyebrow, so I used my HD Brows Eyebrow Pencil in Brown to follow the natural arch of my eyelash before filling in to create full, dark and dramatic eyebrows to finish off. I used my Seventeen Lip Crayon in a Hot Pink Shade to add a pop of colour to the lips, before fixing this all in place with my Avene Water Spray.

For my hair I wanted to keep it a bit simpler, so all I did was on clean and conditioned hair I centre parted my hair, before backcombing at the crown. Once this was done I then sectioned the hair off and began curling with my GHD Straighteners before brushing out with my back comb brush to create a messy curled look with some volume at the roots. Once this was done I fixed the hair in place with Silvikrin Extra Hold Hairspray. And voila, I was all done and ready to go.

I still hate posting the before pictures :(

I still hate posting the before pictures 😦


 After 20140816_194426


I know written down this sounds like a super long and complicated process, but all in all including my hair and getting dressed it took about 1 hour to get ready, which is not an awful lot longer than it takes me to get ready day to day 🙂 I hope you found this post useful and that it might inspire you to try something new be it a bolder colour of eyeshadow or even just a trip to your local markets, but more than anything, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I truly enjoy writing them and putting these looks together!

As always please like, share, follow and more importantly comment if you liked this post or if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see me do next! Thanks again for reading ♥

Lots of love, Leanne xx




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