Product Review – Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Pore Eraser

Hey blog fans,

It’s that time again for another entry of Lifestyle for Less! Before I get started, I just wanted to do an update and have a bit of a chat really 🙂 So I finally got my PC and at last my posts have become easy to do, which hopefully means more regular posts for all of you! I’m aiming to do at least 2 posts a week and will also be trying to find the time to start vlogging, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ve already had requests for videos and have got both a haul video and a contour video planned, but just haven’t got time to film them yet, but in the next few weeks I’ll definitely bite the bullet and get a video uploaded 🙂 Also, If you do have any videos that you’d love to see then please let me know as I’d be happy to give them a go!

Anyways, after that completely random intro it’s time for today’s actual post which is another review! This time it’s all about the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Instant Pore skinI’ve mentioned this in a few of my recent posts because I am completely and utterly obsessed with this product! It was a complete impulse buy, but boy am I glad I picked it up!

I’ve tried other pore erasers and have been swearing by my Garnier BB Cream as a primer lately but honestly it’s one of the best pore erasers/minimisers/primers I’ve used 🙂 I’ve tried the Benefit Porefessional before, but I really didn’t like it. I hate the consistency of it as it’s not really a clay finish but also not a liquid. It feels like it’s blocking my pores the second I put it on and feels really claggy on the face, but luckily Baby Skin is nothing like this.

The consistency of Baby Skin is much more like a clay (it’s a silicone primer so think of it like a more solid version of Vaseline) but despite the fact it’s so thick, it doesn’t smother the face when it’s applied. It glides on effortlessly without being greasy (unlike other pore minimisers which can be quite difficult to apply evenly to the face) and sits as a light film on the face. Describing it like a film really isn’t a good description but honestly, it’s amazing! It doesn’t even feel like it’s there but as soon as you apply it, it’s like it blurs away imperfections which makes it perfect to wear under foundation for a flawless finish. As well, unlike other pore minimisers which I’ve tried this doesn’t have a horrible smell. Lots of other products similar to this either smell too floral or too chemical which really turns me off a product, but luckily this isn’t like that. The best way I can think to describe it, is just that it smells clean (terrible description I know) and when I apply it in the mornings it really brightens me up and brings me out of my sleep-induced haze, as it just feels so fresh and smells so refreshing.

Now the top two questions I ask myself when reviewing products are would I repurchase this and would I recommend this to a friend? The answer to both of these questions is definitely YES! I honestly, don’t know how I lived without this before, but I can guarantee this will be a firm favourite in my make up box from now on. My only quip is that I find it a little expensive for the quantity (£7.99 for 22ml) when in comparison to my Garnier BB cream I get a lot more for almost half the money 😦 Now I know that £7.99 is hardly breaking the bank, but this product will not be lasting very long in my house! I’m using it every day (albeit sparingly) and this is likely to be a bi-monthly repurchase, but honestly I do think it’s worth it. It makes my skin look great when I’m having breakouts and when I have clear skin it just gives me that extra edge towards having a flawless appearance. As well as that, it also doubles up as a really good make up fixer! This holds make up on so well even without a spray, which is great, especially if you often have a long and busy day at work or if you’re out about and don’t have the opportunity to touch up your make up during the day, like me!

Now if you don’t have time to read all of this, or have forgotten what I said as I’ve rambled on a bit, then why not make up your mind in 2 minutes with my handy overview below?

  • Smells great
  • Blurs pores and imperfections
  • Light and fresh consistency
  • Real staying power all day
  • Isn’t too heavy and doesn’t block pores
  • Holds make up in place, even when you are on the go
  • Slightly pricy at £7.99 for 22ml (but still worth a purchase)
  • Matte formula – non-greasy

If it wasn’t for my quibble over the price this definitely would have received a 5/5, but because of that I am giving it a solid 4/5 instead (and begging you to go out and try this). Not only has it completely revolutionised the way I get ready it’s also turned me into a bit of a Maybelline fan girl! Before I used to stick more to Barry M, 17 or Maxfactor, but with their newer range of products (Better Skin foundation, Baby Lips lip balm etc.) which come in fantastic shades, are fun AND affordable, I am completely converted and not only will I be repurchasing this product, I’ll definitely be indulging in other Maybelline goodies too 🙂 As well, if you go to Boots regularly like I do, you’ll have noticed that they almost always have an offer on their make up (Maybelline products are currently 3 for 2!!!) so when you factor in both the price and the quality of the product they are definitely worth a purchase and have sealed themselves  a place at the top of my current favourite drugstore brands list!

Is there a brand which you prefer and if so, why? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear! Also if you’ve tried the Baby Skin Pore Minimiser and Primer I’d also really like to hear what you have to say 🙂 As always, if you enjoyed this or any of the posts on my blog please like, share , follow and comment!

Lots of love, Leanne xx



11 thoughts on “Product Review – Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Pore Eraser

    1. I think 4/5 is the best score I’ve given so far so definitely not bad at all! They also do Baby Lips (which are adorable) and some other fab new products which I’ll be reviewing soon, but definitely give this a go in the meantime 🙂 glad you liked the review and thanks for reading xx

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me Amy! I cannot believe I’ve been nominated for another award, especially this one, so I really appreciate it and also the lovely things you said about my blog! I’ll try to answer the questions tomorrow 🙂 xx


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