Natural Look Make-up: Five Product Face

Hey everyone,

Wasn’t really sure what to write about today, I’ve got a plan of things to write about, but I just didn’t fancy posting about any of that today! So instead of a review or pictorial, I thought I would do a feature I’ve seen from other bloggers and tell you all about my 5 product face.

I’m just like everyone else (or at least I like to think I am!) and on days off, or days where I don’t need to go anywhere special, I really cannot justify spending the time getting properly ready and this is where my 5 product face is so useful as not only does it not need many products, it also doesn’t take a lot of time.

My five products

So here is what I do to get ready in 5 minutes using only 5 products…

Foundation – Maybelline Better Skin Foundation

Powder – Mineral Shack Matte Powder

Blusher – Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Blushing

Eyebrow pencil –Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel          

Mascara – Seventeen Blow Out Mascara in Blackest Black

 Natural Look This photo was taken on Sunday before I went for a bike ride, so you’ll have to excuse the mess which is my hair, as I didn’t want to get too ready before going out on a 10 mile cycle (I hate wasting good hair and make-up on a day which really doesn’t warrant it!) Now some of you are probably asking why I bother to get ready at all, but I just cannot leave the house without make up on unless it’s an emergency or I’m sick or something. I feel it’s really important to maintain a certain level of composure at all times plus it makes me feel good and that’s the best reason to do anything!

Anyway, as always I start with a clean and dry face and begin by applying a light amount of Better Skin Foundation all over my face. To blend it in I use my foundation brush from Wilkinson’s and once all blended in with no lines, I set the foundation by using my Mineral Shack Powder (from eBay and still my fave find of the year!) using my Real Techniques buffing brush. Once this has been applied all over my face and again has been blended in I add a bit of colour to my cheeks. For this I don’t use my ordinary, everyday blusher and instead I use my Seventeen Cheek Stamp blusher in Blushing as it’s a bit lighter and less iridescent which is perfect for the no make-up look. I don’t use the stamp to apply this and instead apply this by dabbing on the face with my Wilkinson’s blusher brush and blending until it is merged with the setting powder I applied before. To finish I add a slick of Seventeen Blow Out Mascara on to my lashes (both top and bottom to open up the eyes) before tracing the eyebrows with my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil.

And then you’re ready to go out having perfected the natural look with only 5 products in no time at all!

I know this post is pretty quick and easy, but I felt that this reflected the look the best, so if you liked it please like, share and comment 😀

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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