Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Picks

Hey everyone,

Like I said last week, finding the time to post recently has been tough 😦 I really feel like I’m neglecting my wonderful followers and haven’t been able to give this my all which is a shame, but I haven’t forgotten about you and am posting/planning posts at every given opportunity!

Aaah Autumn, one of my favourite seasons. The return of boots and jackets as well as the crisp evenings and gorgeous autumnal hues make this one of my favourite seasons (behind Summer which is still the best because it’s hot!) However despite my love for summer, Autumn is my favourite fashion season as colder temperatures means more layers which means double the fun in every outfit! Whether it’s layering up with a scarf, adding a hat, or throwing on a jumper there is just something so fun about dressing for Fall!

For this post I thought I would write all about my fave fashion picks for the coming months, talk through some of the emerging trends and share with you some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering from magazines over the past few weeks, and will focus on both looks and pieces which I think are staples for the coming months (and hopefully are classics to last you for years!) Hppefully it goes without saying now, that all of the items which I link to and discuss are completely affordable and available off the high street or equivalent online retailers, so no need for fashion envy, just get shopping instead!

Blanket Cardigans

This is a piece which I have already invested in (Incl link to boohoo) as I think that not only do these cardigans look amazingly warm, they also look like they will be durable, great with any outfit and last for years to be recycled every Autumn/Winter (which is an absolute Lifestyle for Less must as who wants to pay loads of money for new items which will only be fashionable for a month or two?!) Throw over a pair or jeans and a white tee to spruce up a daytime outfit or glam up with a dress, thick tights and chunky heeled Chelsea boots and a belt to add some shape and definition. Perfect for those crisp evening walks and available in loads of different prints from check to Navajo, definitely keep your eyes peeled and check out my links below for bargain buys 🙂


This comes in an out of fashion in one form or another almost every year so having a tartan piece in your wardrobe is a no brainer! I have a gorgeous tartan skater dress which I purchased last Christmas (incl pic) but am seriously thinking about increasing the amount of tartan I have in my collection this year. I’m looking at tartan scarves or accessories to really add some daytime glam to otherwise ordinary outfits or you could go one better and invest in a tartan blanket cardigan! My only tip would be to avoid tartan skirts as these are really hard to pull off without looking like a school girl, however, if you can rock it go for it 🙂

Duster coats/jackets

A-mazing! I’m seeing these everywhere at the moment and am completely obsessed. I already purchased a black crepe duster jacket which I have worn on numerous occasions and am completely in love with. It’s so versatile and immediately makes every outfit more dressy and sharp which I love. At the moment clean lines and bold colours and massive drivers in my outfit choices so for me these are a must! With my birthday fast approaching the only thing on my wish list is a duster coat (preferably in a fluffy pastel) as they seem to suit any outfit or shape and look so snuggly and adorable, perfect for those cold winter days.

Winter Pastels

Pastel anytime is brilliant, but pastels in Autumn/Winter is even better, especially when it’s outerwear! I don’t wear many pastels as I am really pale, but I think that anyone would suit a pastel coat (especially in the duster style) I’ve seen so many different variations of pastel coats on the market at the moment and I’ve shared some below, so if you’re feeling bold invest some money in a statement piece this year to help make you stand out from the crowd. And it’s not only pastel coats and jackets that are amazing, I’ve seen some fab pastel mini’s which would love gorgeous with black tights and a black cami, so check these out too (especially if you’re not feeling quite ready for a full on pastel coat!)


Now obviously boots are essential every year, however this year there is so much choice! My three must haves are; over the knee, low heeled Chelsea boots and cut out boots. These three choices mean you are set for the whole of Autumn/Winter and even into Spring 2015! And the best thing about shoes (the way I justify my shoe addiction) is that shoes, unlike clothes, don’t come in and out of fashion as much, so they are guaranteed to last you years and you can always get them re heeled or touched up once you’ve worn them too often (like I tend to do!) Find a list of my fave boots on a budget below!


This is another one of those fashion looks which comes and goes very frequently, however, until now I haven’t really liked it enough to get involved. For some reason though, this time it really works as the varsity style cable knit jumpers look like they would be the best for the chillier months and teamed with over the knee boots and jodphurs (H&M do an amazing pair!) you are set for a casual look to carry you right back around to summer.

Hopefully, you’ve found this post useful eventhough I haven’t had time to cover off everything that I would have liked which is up and coming at the moment! What I would suggest though is that if you have some spare change and some free time why not invest in a fashion Mag like Glamour or Cosmo and check out some of their look books! They’ve always served as great inspiration for me alongside retailers own catalogues and I often make mood boards or collages of outfits and key pieces that I want to invest in, especially when they do their season change specials. So get down to your local news agents now 🙂 As always, if you found this useful or think there are any pieces or styles I’ve missed then please let me know and don’t forget to like, follow and share!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Links to my fashion picks:

Blanket Cardigans at Boohoo

I can’t post anymore at the moment as my internet is driving me crazy, but I’ll post more asap!



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