Product Review: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye

Hey everyone!

I’m well aware that I am pushing it with my blog entry this week, leaving it right until the last minute to post, however, it’s here now just like I promised – one a week for the next month or so until my time has freed up a bit and I can once again throw myself whole heartedly in to making this blog a success! Now I know that sounds bad (like my attention currently isn’t on wanting this to be successful which isn’t true at all) but unfortunately these are the busiest few months of the year for me with birthdays, family engagements and the biggest time drain of all, coaching gymnastics! Aside from the obvious things (and of course fashion and beauty) gymnastics and dance are two of the biggest passions in my life and this just happens to be the start of our competition season. I won’t bore you with all the details, but this time of year is super stressful, but totally worth it when we finally get to see our kids compete, and hopefully win 🙂

Anyway, I am back to basics with this entry and have decided to do a review of Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye. It’s a cover and concealer for the under eye area which contains Goji Berry (which is a pretty big ingredient in lots of products at the moment) and comes in a variety of shades which should suit most skin types. Don’t be shocked if you find that the colours are a bit odd though if you go to purchase this product, especially if you have darker skin – tones like Neutraliser or Brightener would work fine for you as the colours seem to contain a good base and have a hint of green in them, to erase dark circles and brighten the under eye helping to create the illusion of bright, awake eyes whilst also working as a fantastic base colour for contouring! Now this next statement might sound a bit odd to you all as I am only 22, however, I’m really self-conscious about fine lines around the eyes (I’ve had them since I was about 16 – I think because I laugh and smile too much!) and this product really helps to make me feel more confident as it completely gets rid of them. I think that the light weight nature of the product and the luminescent finish of the concealer means that it doesn’t clog up any fine lines or wrinkles that you might have, so if you’ve never tried an under eye concealer before because you’re worried that it could actually make your trouble area worse, then please don’t hesitate and get out and give this a go!


Not only this, but it’s so easy to apply that anyone could do it, even if you are not a regular make up user. The easy to use twist top and soft applicator sponge attached to the concealer, means it’s impossible to apply too much or damage the skin around the eye and also mean that application takes seconds, without any of the time consuming blending and applying which comes with some concealers.

I won’t lie to you, when I picked this product up it was another complete impulse buy (another 3 for 2 offer in Boots!) as I had actually been contemplating purchasing the Seventeen under eye concealer (that is more like a clay based product though and looks realllllllly heavy) so I’m so glad I went with this instead.

This is the kind of product that I wear most days so an affordable price is essential as it would become a fairly frequent repurchase and for 7ml it costs about £7.99. Now whilst I think that for the quantity this is a lot, actually I am pretty happy paying this much for such a small product. Although it’s one of the smallest products in my make-up kit, I feel it’s one that has some of the biggest impact as it really helps to make my face look brighter and more awake, even after a night with little sleep and a long stressful day! As well, you need so little at each application that one tube will probably last me about 4-6 months of every day use so for the price that is not bad at all. Something I guess I probably should mention is that I also don’t just use this under my eyes, I’ve taken to using this all over my face to cover up any skin tone issues or blemishes as it’s so light and works really well with my current everyday make-up combination of Maybelline Baby Skin Primer as a base followed by Garnier BB Cream and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (which I haven’t posted about yet but I will do soon! I’ve actually got quite a few foundations that I’ve been wanting to review so I might just do a massive foundation comparison post instead)

Now if you don’t have the time or patience to read through all my jibber jabber then why not check out this handy recap:

  • Good price considering the frequency that this product will need to be repurchased
  • Great range of colours to suit any skin tone (Brightener/Neutraliser are perfect for dark skin tones)
  • Easy to apply
  • Mess and fuss free
  • Comes with an easy to clean, easy to use twist applicator
  • Small and easy to carry around
  • Lightweight and doesn’t sit in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smells great (thank you Goji Berries!)
  • Brightens dark under eye circles and reduces puffiness from tired eyes
  • Perfect to use on blemishes (only for some shades of the product)

All in all, I will definitely be buying this again and honestly I have no idea how I hadn’t heard about this product before! I’d never seen an advert for it in any magazines or on the TV, have never read any blogs about it, or even heard anyone recommend it in conversation which is a massive shame! I don’t know what I did before without this product. If you’ve been considering an under-eye concealer or suffer from dark circles or puffiness, get out and give this a go. It’s firmly on my radar to repurchase and I’ll definitely be using this on other people when I do their make-up. This scores a perfect 5/5 from me as I really cannot think what would make this product better for me (aside from maybe a broader range of colours to suit more skin tones and that is a tiny niggle!) What this really highlights to me though, is that actually it’s not really so much what you can see on the outside which is the most important part of getting ready. Actually the prep and care of whatever it is you are working on, be it body or face that is actually the most important. The more impactful products that complete how I look on a daily basis are my bases, concealers, highlighters and BB creams which all sit unseen beneath foundations, powders and fixers to help present the finished look, so please don’t forget that! Also, if you don’t use that many Maybelline products, give them a go! I’m in love with so much of their stuff at the moment as their product range and affordability have really revamped and pumped up my daily make up routine 🙂

'Scuse the stupid face, I was just so darn excited by this product!
‘Scuse the stupid face, I was just so darn excited by this product!

I hope you enjoyed this post (I really enjoyed writing this as I loved this product big time!) and would love to hear whether you have any favourite make up brands, or whether you use under eye concealers! Please share with me below, any comments or questions that you have and please don’t forget that if you enjoyed this, it’s great to see how much you loved it by liking, sharing or subscribing.

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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