10 in 10 series: Part 1. Losing 10% Body Fat in 10 weeks

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my latest post! This is a pretty special one as it’s the first in a new series I want to do over the next weeks and months about my fitness journey to lose 10% of my body fat in 10 weeks. Not only is this acting as my map of how I’m doing and where I’ve been on that journey, it’s also going to be a crutch for me and hopefully give me the support and drive I need to get to my end destination!

This time I want to write about a topic which has me all fired up, and not just because it’s January. I want to start off by saying that losing weight and (more importantly) inches isn’t just my New Years Resolution. I never really make them if I’m honest, I just give myself a little pep talk at the beginning of each year to remind myself to make the most of every day I get and to try to make every year better and more positive than the last. Anyway, I’m sure your blog feeds are full of posts like these as well as NY Detoxes and Christmas Hauls (I will be doing one of these soon!) but I’m going to try if I can to make this one a little different to the others.

Let’s start with some background! About this time one year ago I was approximately (I say approximate because I haven’t weighed myself in months) one stone heavier than I am now and a total of 10 inches larger. It all started when I saw a picture of myself that made me really unhappy and I decided that enough was enough. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that skinny is beautiful and that you have to look a certain way to be happy (check out my “do whatever makes you happy post” if you don’t believe me!) and I was never huge, but to me it was bigger than I had ever been before and I wanted to make a positive change to help me both with my confidence, health and mental outlook on life. Since then I have embarked on Slimming World which has progressed to a clean eating lifestyle change which works much better for me. As well as this I’ve been undertaking loads of new activities and exercises and after some time off over Christmas (which is absolutely essential every now and again) I have decided that this is the year where I reach my targets.

My goal is to lose 10 percent of my body fat in 10 weeks in a healthy and controlled way. But why 10 weeks I’m sure you are asking? Well for me, normally I have loads planned including parties, dinners and just general naughtiness which leads me away from where I want to be (I have literally no willpower!) but actually over the next 10 weeks aside from one New Years Eve Party and an awards ceremony at work I have nothing planned that should stop me reaching my goals. Come the middle of February everything starts getting crazy again so I want to do as much as I can now to really get me on my way for the remainder of the year!

Now I hate before and after shots and all that jazz, but I figured that for you guys I would film, photograph and document every step of my journey, including before during and after pictures in the hope that you will help me to reach my goals and basically be the willpower that I need to get me through the temptations and rough patches! I’ll use my blog as well as Instagram and Twitter to share all the key moments, meals and more with you all so make sure to follow me on all these different places to keep up with the latest!

My before picture (sorry about the quality!)
My before picture (sorry about the quality!) Starting body fat is just under 25%

Maybe we could take part together and motivate each other to get to our goals? I’d love to hear how you are getting on if you are planning on taking part in healthy living!

Anyway, after day one all is going pretty well! I’m back to adding all my food and drink to MyFitnessPal (even the naughty stuff!) and have been back to the gym and, as silly as it sounds, I always forget how good these simple changes make me feel 🙂 I’m sure I will slip and lose my way at some points, but that’s okay, I know that this year I’m more determined than ever to get where I want to be and even better it sets a realistic expectation to all of you aiming for the same goal 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment and get involved if you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just get healthier whether it’s your new years resolution or not! And don’t forget to share your top tips in the comments below as well 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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