10 in 10 series part 3: Eating achievements and fitness fails

Hey everyone, welcome back! It’s that time again for another exciting instalment of my 10 in 10 series which is my documentary of trying to lose 10% of my body fat in 10 weeks. Hopefully this will spur you on to reach your fitness goals, whatever they are and show you that if I can do it (and I have zero willpower) then you definitely can too!

It’s been nine days since I last updated you on my journey and since then I’ve been continuing to work really hard with amazingly few slip ups along the way this time!


Here are my most recent measurements:

Bust: 35.5 inches (-0.5 from last update)

Waist: 29 inches (-1 from last update)

Hips: 35.5 inches (-0.5 from last update)

Arm: 12 inches

Thigh: 24 inches

Fat percentage: I still haven’t had this retaken 😦

Weight: 9 st 13lbs (139)! Last time I was 10st 1lbs (141lbs)

And just in case you weren’t sure here are my goals:

Bust: 34-36 inches

Waist: 26-28 inches

Hips: 34 inches

Arm: 10-11 inches

Thigh: 22 inches

Fat percentage: 15% (and with some semblance of a 6 pack please!)

Weight: Between 9 stone and 9 stone 7 (126-133lbs)

Week 5 progress picture

Week 5 progress picture

I must say I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself with these losses in just 9 days, especially when 2 of those days were spent either drunk or eating rubbish hangover food with no exercise involved at all (thanks to my works annual awards event!) I’m now officially at the halfway stage of my mission with only five weeks left to go and I guess from here on out I’m going to have to work even harder that I already have been to make sure I get my goals 🙂

I actually think that setting myself a time frame has been really helpful! I don’t think I would have had half the determination I’ve got to achieve this if it was just an open ended plan. I think it does also really help that I’ve been sharing my story with all of you lovely people too though as it makes me not want to let you all down by not putting my everything into this!


So eating better has become second nature to me now and not eating well really does make me feel a bit anxious! I keep meaning to take a picture of my shopping trolley for you so that you can see the kinds of foods I’m purchasing to give you all some ideas. Maybe I’ll do a food series on my Instagram to show you all my lunches and dinners and don’t forget to check out MyFitnessPal for all my daily food diaries!

Would you guys find a food series on Instagram useful? 

Anyway, last Sunday I met with my friend Lee who has been giving me some exercise and nutrition coaching and he set me the target to try to eat all of my allocated calories for the day (something which seemed completely alien to me as I didn’t understand why eating more would help me lose weight) as well as eating a filling and nutritious breakfast everyday, instead of the shakes and fruits that I had been eating. I must say he certainly knows what he is talking about (which is pretty good for me!) as I think those changes to my diet have been some of the most difficult but also some of the most rewarding and in those seven days I’ve seen the biggest progress yet! I’m now ensuring that I eat 1400 calories daily everyday and try to start my day with a big breakfast, which usually consists of eggs and bacon – yum! Although it is more time consuming to get up early to cook myself something before I leave for work, I definitely don’t get hungry around mid-morning anymore which is good for everyone involved (I suffer very badly with hanger!!)

However, saying that I’ve also been challenged to reduce the amount or carbs that I eat and try wherever possible to eat a low carb diet (carbs should only account for 40% of the daily intake) which has been super tough! Especially because I am a fruit fiend and didn’t realise that fruit had so many carbs in it! I was devastated on Wednesday when I went over my carb target thanks to one too many bananas and a very scrummy fruit salad 😦

However, I’ve learnt my lesson and now know all about where carbs come from (and are hidden damn bananas!) and so this week my aim will to be to be below my carb limit everyday (this is going to be a very tough very hungry week I think!)

Now please don’t think I am at all advocating a carb free diet! I’m absolutely not! That is my idea of hell on earth as I love carbs so please PLEASE don’t think you need to stop eating carby foods (or bananas!) as I still eat them, but now I’m more careful about when I eat them (morning is definitely better than the evening) and how many I eat 🙂

Also back to my point about how I didnt understand how eating more could help you lost weight… It turns out eating more often throughout the day and eating a good number of calories is much better for you than starving because it keeps your metabolism active constantly and also means that your body doesn’t enter starvation mode and store more than it needs like it does when you go on a strict calorie controlled diet! So girls, get eating (you certainly don’t have to tell me twice that I can eat more!!!)


I am loving exercise at the moment 🙂 When I saw Lee last week, he also gave me some interesting workouts to try which I must say on the whole I have been enjoying. They include three high intensity circuits which include a core workout, a kettlebell workout and cardio (I’m definitely more of a “horizontal running” kind of person so the cardio plan terrified me!) Suprisingly, even though the cardio and kettlebell workout were super tough I really enjoyed them and can’t wait to do them again to keep getting better at them 🙂 The core workout has definitely been my favourite as I love core work! I’ll share some pics and vids of the exercise with you over the next few weeks!

Here is what my workout week has been like:

Sunday: 1.5 hours in Gym in morning consisting of weight training focussed on back

Long walk around town

High intensity core circuit

Monday: 50 minutes of Yoga at lunch time

High intensity core circuit

Mini insanity style session with some of my gymnasts

Tuesday: I didn’t go to the gym this evening as I wasn’t feeling well 😦

Wednesday: Lunchtime walk

50 minutes of Insanity (really tough but really enjoyable!)

Thursday: Day Off

Friday: No exercise as no time 😦

Saturday: Too hungover and sleepy for exercise!

Sunday: 60 minutes of cardio including all three HIIT circuits 🙂

My biggest slip ups this past week have definitely been with not doing enough exercise, but I have no plans over the next few days which should get in the way of working out, so bring it on! No more fitness fails for me! Hopefully this is reflected in the next instalment of my series with even better inch and fat loss 🙂

Comparison across the series. Can you see a difference yet?

               Can you see a difference yet?

And that’s all you need to know I guess! I really hope you are still finding this useful and if you have any questions then please let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them. Again, it’s important for me to say that I am by no means a fitness or nutrition expert so please don’t take any of this too seriously, because I am only writing this to share my story and not to tell you how to live your lives 🙂

Also, a quick thankyou to everyone who followed me on Bloglovin, WordPress, Instagram and Twitter over the past few weeks! I now have over 200 subscribers to my blog (which amazes me every day) and over 300 instagram followers, which might not sound like a lot to some people, but to me it’s so special so thankyou very much!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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I’ve got some super exciting stuff coming up for you soon including some tutorials for a twenties party I am going to tomorrow evening, some top tips for big events/wedding looks for 2015, updates on my “Lose 10 in 10” series as well as my exciting new “face off” series which will be coming very soon too!

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Product Review – Nanshy 4-in-1 Makeup Blending Sponge

Hey everyone, today I have another product review for you and this one’s definitely a good’un!

Firstly, I want to say a huge thankyou to the team at Nanshy for sending me their 4-in-1 makeup blending sponge to trial and review, it’s been a pleasure to finally get my hands on some Nanshy goodies 🙂 If you haven’t heard of Nanshy before, they are an amazing brand of makeup brushes and tools. Now whilst you might hear lots of reviews about Zoeva or Real Techniques, the Nanshy products are equally good if not better! Their products are of such a high quality and are much more affordable (Real Techniques and Zoeva charge loads more money for fewer products in their brush sets) and even better than the price, is the fact that their products are all completely cruelty free and vegan!

I’m sure you are all aware of the hype surrounding beauty blenders and sponges over the past 12 months, but this is the first one I have ever used and to be honest I think it might have converted me from brushes!! The Nanshy Blending sponge is latex and allergen free, is really small (small enough that it will even fit in the palm of my tiny hands) and comes in the most gorgeous and sleek packaging!


Up until now I’ve always applied my foundation with a foundation brush and then evened it all out with a stippling brush, which works pretty well, but can sometimes leave lines and marks where the brush has been. Before using the blending sponge, I was sceptical as although I’ve heard loads of good things about similar products, I’ve also read that applying with a sponge means you end up using more product, but after using the sponge I completely disagree. As soon as I began applying my foundation my face looked airbrushed and flawless (despite the fact I’m still in the middle of an awful breakout) and if anything I probably ended up using less foundation as it took me less time and product to get the coverage I required.

20150118_141801 20150118_141829

(me after applying my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with the Nanshy 4-in-1 Makeup Blending Sponge and before finishing my face!)

So as a complete noob to applying make up with a blending sponge, I found it pretty easy! The brilliant design of the Nanshy sponge means that there are places on the sponge for covering large areas of the face, getting in to hard to reach areas and a flat edge which I used to even out any areas of imperfection. It’s curved shape makes it perfect regardless of the size or shape of your face as the angles would work for anyone and even better than how amazingly easy it is to use, is that because it’s so small it fits perfectly in my make up bag (and it matches the colour of my Zoella make up bag, yay!) for any touch ups you require throughout the day.

All in all, I don’t have much bad to say about the product! I don’t think it’s a product I will have to repurchase in a hurry (another positive!) but I will certainly be recommending to all my friends, and at only £5.95 is a complete bargain in comparison to the £15+ pounds for a Beauty Blender.


  • Cheap
  • Allergen and cruelty free
  • Good size and weight
  • Brilliant design
  • Applies foundation to a flawless finish
  • Gorgeous packaging!
  • Long lasting


  • For a make up beginner it might not be complete clear how to use the blending sponge


To summarise, I adored this product and am a complete convert to sponges now, however, being really picky, I think that if a total newbie to makeup wanted to use this product they might not know where to start. I’d recommend either a leaflet with step by step guides, or even better a QR code on or in the packaging to tutorials on Youtube of the best way to use to get the absolute most out of the product 🙂

I will absolutely recommend this to my friends and will definitely be looking to add more Nanshy products to my collection going forward (I desperately want their Luxury Make Up Brush set!) and despite having one slight con/improvement, it doesn’t at all affect how the product worked for me so I’m giving the 4-in-1 Makeup Blending Sponge by Nanshy my highest ever Lifestyle for Less rating of 5/5! Well done Nanshy!


     The finished look!

I really enjoyed trialling this product for you all and getting to try something completely different to my normal routine. Do you have a favourite way to apply foundation? Please let me know in the comments below! As always, if you did like this or found it useful then please like, share, comment and subscribe 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx

10 in 10 series – Part 2: Losing love handles and finding fitness

10 in 10 series: Part 2

Hey everyone! So it’s been a while since I updated you on how my fight against the fat was going (you can read part 1 here if you haven’t already) because everything has been so mental with other aspects of my blogging recently!

The craziness began when I was fortunate enough to take part in the Bloggers Love Hub Online Party which was an absolutely amazing evening! It gave me my first opportunity to meet loads of new bloggers (hello to all my new subscribers who I met on Monday) as well as linking up with loads of cool brands, so keep your eyes peeled for potential brand collaborations coming soon 🙂 As well as that, hopefully you’ve all seen my #TakeBackWhatsYours post and my post all about my first home which were both really liberating to be invited to take part in – but unfortunately that all meant delaying this update.

Anyway, since I last posted the hard work has really begun! This past two weeks, I’ve been training really hard and eating as healthy as is possible given the hectic nature of my schedule. I’ve really been getting back into the swing of my healthier lifestyle. When I have a break from structured eating, I really forget how much I enjoy all this clean living stuff but now I am back on it, my body certainly thanks me 🙂 (It’s probably worth noting at this point I am not a health or fitness expert I am just sharing my experiences which seem to be working for me!)

Now I could lie and say that since the last post I’ve been to the gym every day, eaten perfectly and that I’m well on my way, but let’s be honest! You can read all about those faddy, unhealthy and unrealistic diets and life changes in any magazine, but here, just like with every other aspect of my blog, I want to give you all the nitty gritty in it’s purest form!


When I started the 10 in 10 plan, I completely forgot to take my measurements, so I took theme a few days ago instead and they aren’t too bad I guess. Currently my measurements are:

Bust: 36 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Hips: 36 inches

Arm: 12 inches

Thigh: 24 inches

Fat percentage: I’m going to round this up to 25% because I cannot remember the exact amount

Weight: 10st 1lbs (141lbs) Heaviest I’ve been is 10st 7lbs

And just in case you weren’t sure here are my goals:

Bust: 34-36 inches

Waist: 26-28 inches

Hips: 34 inches

Arm: 10-11 inches

Thigh: 22 inches

Fat percentage: 15% (and with some semblance of a 6 pack please!)

Weight: Between 9 stone and 9 stone 7 (126-133lbs)

starting point

See any difference yet?

                           See any difference yet?

Before starting my blog and understanding more about living healthier, I definitely would have been ashamed of those stats and pictures, but to be honest, now I don’t care! I just want to feel fit, healthy and confident and that is much more important to me than a number and even more important than what anyone thinks of those numbers!

I haven’t really weighed myself too much because the scales when weight training can be really misleading but either way I definitely feel better about how I am looking and living already, so even if I get no better, I’m happy 🙂

For some more background, I think the lowest weight I was at in 2014 was 9 stone 4lbs after being really poorly for a few weeks, but my weight for most of last year fluctuated between 9 stone 7lbs – 9stone 10lbs. Since giving up Slimming World, I have definitely gained a few of the pounds I originally lost back, but I know I’m definitely healthier than I was, and I am sure that the fat and inch loss is working, because I still fit in all the clothes I was wearing even though I was lighter then, (Which just goes to show that I am not letting the scales rule me because they lie!)


I’ve been trying to eat better and making more of my meals from scratch, make more effort to try new dishes and foods and generally enjoying good foods more (which I won’t go into too much detail about here because you can view my diaries over at MyFitnessPal) but naturally I have had a few slip ups (maybe a few cheaty and carby dinners) but I would say 80% of my diary is vastly improved! Every Friday my family and I have a takeaway evening which is one of my favourite parts of the week. I love treating myself and spending time with the people I love most in the world and I don’t plan on stopping this. However, I notice that I can eat far less than I used to be able to and my body absolutely hates this kind of food now. I’m sure I can taste every bit of fat and artificiality (is that a word?!) and it usually gives me a bit of a tummy ache, which has really put me off over indulging on the take outs, when before they were such an easy option, especially after a late night at work. And even if I have had a slip up or naughty meal, I don’t let that influence the rest of my day! Before I would have written the whole day off, but now I get straight back on track whenever I can. As well as the better eating, I’ve also been drinking just water (see the #JustWater campaign WaterAid are running it’s amazing!) which although at first completely broke me out in spots, is definitely starting to show benefits and leaves me with more calories for yummy foods 🙂


I think I must have always enjoyed exercise! I wasn’t super sporty at school or anything, but I did do gymnastics three times a week for 12 years, walk a lot and go to the gym when I could when I was younger, so I guess it’s not been too difficult for me to get back into the habit of getting active. Currently I’ve been working out in some form or another 5 times a week with a few rest days in between. This is what my exercise plan has been looking like recently:

Monday: 50 minutes of Yoga at lunch time

Tuesday: Gym session in the evening for  at least 1 hour (it’s usually more like 2) compromising of a weight training exercise focussed on a specific body part and finished with short bursts of cardio and a long boxing session.

Wednesday: Usually try to get out for a walk on lunchtime as and then a gym session in the evening (same as Tuesday) or a 50 minute Insanity class after work

Thursday: Day Off

Friday: Gym session (same as above)

Saturday: Walking for several hours plus a small trip to the gym (this may or may not be a rest day depending on what I have planned during the day)

Sunday: Gym session (same as above) but finishing off with a 40-60 minute cardio session including cycling, rowing, boxing and running.

(I sometimes go to the gym both days of the weekend, but sometimes it will only be once depending on how achey I am and what plans I have for the daytime!)

This plan isn’t set in stone as I don’t want it to feel like a chore. For example, I worked late this evening and really wanted to get this post done, so have decided that today I would do some workouts at home using Xbox Fitness on the Xbox One which are so much fun and reallllllly tough (I love the free Mossa workout because it’s like a Body Combat class in my living room) I’ve have also been (weirdly) enjoying Insanity which although is super tough, burns loads of calories in a relatively short space of time and definitely improves my stamina and fitness quickly. So far I’ve done two classes and was able to do many more of the higher intensity exercises in week two than I did in week one with much less achiness, so if you can sign yourself up to try one of these classes! I’m definitely going to be looking to make this a regular fitness occurrence 🙂

Anyway, like I said my goal is to exercise five times a week and am aiming for all that activity to be enjoyable and is varied! I’ve definitely become a lot more restless if I don’t do enough strenuous activity and struggle to sleep if I haven’t worked myself hard enough. I’m really excited as well because this week I am being taken through a plan which should help me burn fat even quicker than I am already which I can’t wait for and of course I’ll share how this goes with you all.

What exercises or fitness classes do you guys enjoy? I’d love to know so that I can give them a try 🙂

I hope you are finding this blog series useful, enjoyable and maybe even a little bit motivational! Please don’t be put off by the amount of exercise I do or the intensity of my plan, increasing your activity levels just a little bit and making the plan fit you is better than nothing, for example walking in your lunch breaks or choosing to eat carrots instead of crisps. Either way I hope you like this and if you do please share the love by liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing on all your social channels 🙂

You can find me elsewhere at:

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Lots of love, Leanne xx

#TakeBackWhatsYours – Sharing happiness, love and positivity!

Take Back What’s Your’s Campaign

Hey everyone, welcome back! I’m so glad that I’m getting to write more lately 🙂 I really hope you‘ve been enjoying the wide variety of posts which have gone up recently and of course there will be more of these to come! Today, I’ll be writing about a campaign I was made aware of called “Take Back What’s Yours” which I think is really important for us all to get behind! Thanks so much to Carrie from Pale and Persian for nominating me to get involved! Please check out her blog as she writes so much amazing content – I could literally read her blog for hours 🙂

So, what is the ‘Take Back What’s Yours’ campaign all about?

This campaign is all about bringing happiness to our lives with positivity, support and love! This campaign aims to bring nothing but love and support to the community and if it help’s anyone who read this to be more positive, more confident or even just puts a smile on their face, then it has to be worth it!

When I saw this campaign, I knew I needed to take part! I’m sure for my regular readers out there, you will have seen a few of my posts where I talk about having doubts about my ability and appearance which delayed me starting my blog. Not just for me but for most girls I know, we have our insecurities, our doubts and are often own worst enemies! So this year I am all about being confident and self-assured and I hope my pledge reflects this 🙂 My resolution is pretty personal and I pledge to stop comparing myself, both physically and in ability, to other people.

We are all on different paths and have different strengths and weaknesses which make us all beautiful and actually, what I have begun to realise through starting my blog, is that people look at the things I write and do and aspire to be like me or are inspired by the things which I do! It’s so easy to go through life blinkered to positives about yourself and instead viewing everyone else as being better than you, but I can guarantee that someone else is looking at you wishing they had something of yours, whether it’s your confidence, your ease of carrying off a conversation or even your style! I take inspiration from many fellow bloggers who I know through their writing have the very same anxieties I have, so why should I limit myself based on a warped self perception? This year, I aim to stop comparing myself to others and instead play to my strengths. I aim to acknowledge my weaknesses as having them makes me human, but instead of beating myself up about them, I’m going to embrace them and learn from them. I’m also going to try to let people know what it is about them that I love so that they can embrace this – especially if it is something which they perceive to be a flaw! I’m going to share the love and banish the negativity and I hope you all join me in this!

Everything in life is sent to test us, but ultimately we have a finite amount of time on this Earth, so let’s make every second of it the best it can be with a bit of positivity 🙂

How do you take part?

It’s so simple! All you have to do is:

  • Write a blog post talking about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part
  • Share your #TakeBackWhatsYours resolution
  • Tag 10 bloggers to take part
  • Let me know if you’re taking part so I can gain inspiration from your pledges 🙂
  • And if you can – include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster (doesn’t have to be artistic!) with the words #Takebackwhatsyours
No make up because it's Sunday and I just got back from the gym sorry!

No make up because it’s Sunday and I just got back from the gym sorry!

 Now It’s time to tag 10 of my wonderful fellow bloggers to take part in this amazing campaign and hope that they see value in this also. As well as tagging them I’m going to start with my pledge and share a little message about each as to why I have nominated them and why I love their work so much!

The people I ‘m going to tag are –

  • Beck in a Blog: It’s no secret this is one of my absolute favourite blogs to read as it’s so well written, the content is amazing and the photos are all absolutely gorge! Plus Becca is absolutely lovely and has become a really beauty blogger buddy!
  • Georgina’s Hideaway: This blog is so sweet and the way which Georgina writes is so fun and easy to read, plus her range of posts is great 🙂
  • KateKiwii: I’ve only recently started following Kate’s blog, but again it is so well written with amazing content and her pictures are always AMAZING!
  • Loves and Loathes: I hope my blog is half as good as Helen’s! Her reviews and posts are so detailed and yet easy to read – I always look forward to her next instalment!
  • Clare’s Beauty: Clare’s passion for beauty products is so clear in her abundance of detailed reviews! Reading her reviews has actually convinced me to sign up for Birchbox!
  • Anomalous Me: Emma is so enthusiastic and bubbly in the way she writes, plus she writes about so much different stuff! Again another blog I cannot get enough of 🙂
  • The Avon Insider: So much more than just Avon products! As well as her fab reviews, Jen posts some lovely posts about all different aspects of her life! Another blog I’ve only recently discovered, but seriously worth a read 🙂
  • Ymor Beauty: I have serious blog envy! From the way it’s written to the way it looks and all the great content, Romy definitely is my inspiration 🙂 (although I’m nowhere near as composed or professional!)
  • That Chic Fashion Blog: Vanessa is seriously talented and has a great eye for fashion and she is so young! Definitely check her out if you haven’t already!
  • Maja Estelle: Another blog with so much variety and one that I cannot wait for the next instalment of 🙂 A firm favourite of mine!

I really hope you liked this post and that it filled you with some warm positive energy and some inspiration to love yourself! Please share you pledges and resolutions in the comments below and of course if you enjoyed this please like, share and subscribe on all of my different channels including Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

My first home!

Hey everyone.

I’m super excited for you all to read this post as it’s something completely different and all about a topic I really want to write more about over the next year so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Recently I was impressed by Urban Compass, a real estate platform which helps prospective buyers in the New York area find their perfect property. Now I don’t know a lot about real estate or New York, but I do know about buying houses and honestly, if finding houses in areas I liked here was as easy as it is to do on their website, finding the perfect property would be a dream! And if you aren’t in the market for a new house or apartment in The Big Apple, then their website certainly makes for good window shopping (we can dream can’t we!)

Anyway, the Starter Stories project they invited me to get involved in, asks bloggers to write about their first home and what they did to make it individual, what the triumphs were in the renovation process and what it meant to have their feet finally and firmly on the property ladder, which had me completely sold when I was asked to take part!

Anyone who knows me will know that doing up my little home has been amazing. Andy and I looked at so many different properties before finally deciding on one which we really connected with, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that we picked one which needed a fair amount of work doing (there is something about a project which I cannot resist!) Whilst I love all the new builds that we viewed, there was something about one tatty little house which we saw that had so much character and charm, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. And we’ve lived in that (slightly less tatty house) for almost two years now!

Don’t get me wrong, although buying a home and doing it up has been a dream, it also comes with its fair share of nightmarish moments, but they are all totally worth it! For me it feels like I’ve finally started to make my little stamp on the world by sharing my passions and personality and portraying it onto the blank canvas that is my first home 🙂

So I thought I’d start by showing you what my house looked like when we first purchased it…

View from the garden

View from the garden

Kitchen - pre revamp

Kitchen – pre revamp

Our very bright, very blue bedroom!

Our very bright, very blue bedroom!

The old and frumpy living room

The old and frumpy living room

For me, personality is definitely the key to my home. I don’t want my house to be like all the other homes that people see, instead I want it to be obvious that this is mine and shows what I’m like as a person! My favourite way of doing this is through personalisation. I have a number of completely unique products in my home that let anyone who visits know what inspires and is important to me.


“If” by Rudyard Kipling in the “if” picture


My personalised house, with all our special names and dates included!

I don’t have a theme throughout my house. I do love a house with a theme, but I also think that that is far too organised for someone like me who is always running around being crazy, so instead, I decided to decorate each room in different styles to reflect what the room is used for.

The “Grand” Tour

In the kitchen (which really needs replacing!) we opted to just tart it up a bit with some new tiles and a lick of paint, because we didn’t have the time or money to replace it at first. The plan now is to get a completely new kitchen which suits our lifestyle better and is far more organised than what we have now (which I cannot wait for!)



After! Looking so much better :)

After! Looking so much better 🙂


In our living room we went for a simple black and white theme with simple furniture and just a few accents of colour to keep everything clean and simple for entertaining and also living in, as this is the room where we spend most of our time. To really make the room more “us” we’ve also hung a gallery (which doesn’t have any of our own pictures in yet!), arranged flowers and added candles and ornaments to show what our loves are.


The rest of the room - complete with Andy!

The rest of the room – complete with Andy!

My cute little window lights

My cute little window lights

Flowers and photos make the space my own

Flowers and photos make the space my own


Our hallway used to be disgusting! It was so dark and had so many different patterns – it actually made me feel sick! It doesn’t have much natural light either, so the plan here has just been to lighten it all up a bit with blues and whites which has made a huge difference 🙂

Dark Hallway!

Dark Hallway!


After – sorry about the puppy photobomb!


Our bedroom is different shades of brown so that it feels warm, cosy and calm, however most of the time it’s a total mess and comes complete with a floordrobe. This room has my favourite artwork in as we got a large canvas of our first dog made and this sits above our bed. I’ll never get bored of seeing this photo as it always makes me smile 🙂

20150107_194119 20150107_194054



Our bathroom is a total embarrassment and first on our list of expensive projects! It’s a green suite with carpet (carpet in a bathroom?!) which was lovingly left behind by the previous owners. It comes complete with a cracked sink and without a properly functioning shower, but yet strangely I’ve become quite attached to this room. I love the stark difference between the bathroom and the rest of the house and also really like how our stuff in here looks so out of place!

20150106_203111 20150106_203054


Lastly, our spare bedroom/office is bright orange and grey because I wanted something really loud and different. I constantly wish this was my bedroom instead of the study because this room is me through and through. We do all of our blogging and designing in here and I find that the layout and colour of this room are really inspiring and keep my energy levels up! I like the way we have several pieces of artwork including The Red Arrows and other planes and cars in the same place as all my blogging equipment as it really brings together our two passions of writing/fashion & beauty and anything with an engine!

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And the tour is complete!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! Renovating the house and making it our own has been such a fun project and getting our foot on the property ladder so young has been a real achievement, yet for me, the best part about it all has been finally having a place to call my own. I love coming home to an empty house and sitting in peace and quiet (although I still adore the craziness of my parents house), I love having the freedom to sing at the top of my lungs when nobody else is home but even more than that, I love knowing that every bit of me has been put into making this house something completely different to what it was when we picked up the keys. My first home has changed me for the better. It’s made me more responsible and yet more free all at the same time and I wouldn’t change moving out of my parents house for anything in the world (even if they would still cook my dinners and do all my washing!)

Thanks so much for reading! I know this post is a little different to usual, but I really hope you liked it 🙂 Please get in touch and let me know what you thought using the comments below and don’t forget to share, like and subscribe as well of course!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone,

I’ve been nominated for another blog award yay! Thanks to Inger over at the Viridescent Consumer and to Mariam at Cute and Bubbly for both nominating me! If you haven’t checked out their blogs already please do, because Inger  is really making a difference with her blog by discussing all matters green and the way she writes actually makes these huge issues seem really relatable and achievable and Mariam just has such a gorgeous style of writing!

So on to the award…

The rules are:

– Show the award on your blog

– Thank the person who nominated you (done!)

– Share 7 facts about yourself

– Nominate 15 blogs

– Link to your nominee’s blog and let them know

So here are my facts (they are probably really boring sorry!)

  1. I used to be a gymnast 🙂 I did sports acrobatics (check it out on Youtube here if you have no idea what this is) from when I was 4 until I was 17 and I still coach now. I love it maybe even more than I love fashion and beauty!
  2. I have two dogs. They are Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier crosses and they are absolutely my surrogate children
  3. I’m really fussy when it comes to food. Everyone thinks it’s so weird that I absolutely hate cheese (as well as many other things that everyone else seems to love)
  4. I love to work out! I know that sounds really lame, but I do actually love it, something about working out makes me feel so energised and amazing, plus I love what it does for both my mind and body 🙂
  5. My eBay watch list is full (I know, I didn’t know it was possible to fill it either!) I absolutely adore eBay and spend a ridiculous amount of time shopping on there – you can pick up some amazing bargains which nobody else has for a really eye catching look or accessory.
  6. I know people disagree with me and that it’s fairly controversial, but I would really like lip injections. I hate the way you can see my gums when I smile so have been thinking about it for a while! I’m probably going to have it done some time soon (just my top lip!) and of course I’ll share it all with you if I do!
  7. I want to learn to speak Polish. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years as my boyfriends family are Polish and I’d love to be able to speak with them in Polish, although it’s really really hard to get to grips with 😦

Hopefully you enjoyed my facts even if they were pretty rubbish, but I didn’t realise how hard it was to think of seven random things off the top of my head. Now for my nominations! Sorry if I nominate anyone who has already been nominated but please take it as a compliment. I love all the blogs I’m about to list so please check them out if you haven’t already 🙂

1. Beck in a Blog (still a fave of mine!)

2. Pale and Persian

3. The Hopeful Wayfarer

4. Georginas Hideaway

5. Gems Blog Storey

6. That Chic Fashion Blog

7. Loves and Loathes

8. The Beauty Ninja

9. Strange Made Me

10. Alyssa at Alyssa K_Loves

15 is way too many especially when loads of my faves have already been nominated! Either way I hope you enjoy both my post and the bloggers I’ve tagged!

Lots of love, Leanne xx