My first home!

Hey everyone.

I’m super excited for you all to read this post as it’s something completely different and all about a topic I really want to write more about over the next year so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Recently I was impressed by Urban Compass, a real estate platform which helps prospective buyers in the New York area find their perfect property. Now I don’t know a lot about real estate or New York, but I do know about buying houses and honestly, if finding houses in areas I liked here was as easy as it is to do on their website, finding the perfect property would be a dream! And if you aren’t in the market for a new house or apartment in The Big Apple, then their website certainly makes for good window shopping (we can dream can’t we!)

Anyway, the Starter Stories project they invited me to get involved in, asks bloggers to write about their first home and what they did to make it individual, what the triumphs were in the renovation process and what it meant to have their feet finally and firmly on the property ladder, which had me completely sold when I was asked to take part!

Anyone who knows me will know that doing up my little home has been amazing. Andy and I looked at so many different properties before finally deciding on one which we really connected with, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that we picked one which needed a fair amount of work doing (there is something about a project which I cannot resist!) Whilst I love all the new builds that we viewed, there was something about one tatty little house which we saw that had so much character and charm, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. And we’ve lived in that (slightly less tatty house) for almost two years now!

Don’t get me wrong, although buying a home and doing it up has been a dream, it also comes with its fair share of nightmarish moments, but they are all totally worth it! For me it feels like I’ve finally started to make my little stamp on the world by sharing my passions and personality and portraying it onto the blank canvas that is my first home 🙂

So I thought I’d start by showing you what my house looked like when we first purchased it…

View from the garden
View from the garden
Kitchen - pre revamp
Kitchen – pre revamp
Our very bright, very blue bedroom!
Our very bright, very blue bedroom!
The old and frumpy living room
The old and frumpy living room

For me, personality is definitely the key to my home. I don’t want my house to be like all the other homes that people see, instead I want it to be obvious that this is mine and shows what I’m like as a person! My favourite way of doing this is through personalisation. I have a number of completely unique products in my home that let anyone who visits know what inspires and is important to me.

“If” by Rudyard Kipling in the “if” picture
My personalised house, with all our special names and dates included!

I don’t have a theme throughout my house. I do love a house with a theme, but I also think that that is far too organised for someone like me who is always running around being crazy, so instead, I decided to decorate each room in different styles to reflect what the room is used for.

The “Grand” Tour

In the kitchen (which really needs replacing!) we opted to just tart it up a bit with some new tiles and a lick of paint, because we didn’t have the time or money to replace it at first. The plan now is to get a completely new kitchen which suits our lifestyle better and is far more organised than what we have now (which I cannot wait for!)

After! Looking so much better :)
After! Looking so much better 🙂


In our living room we went for a simple black and white theme with simple furniture and just a few accents of colour to keep everything clean and simple for entertaining and also living in, as this is the room where we spend most of our time. To really make the room more “us” we’ve also hung a gallery (which doesn’t have any of our own pictures in yet!), arranged flowers and added candles and ornaments to show what our loves are.


The rest of the room - complete with Andy!
The rest of the room – complete with Andy!
My cute little window lights
My cute little window lights
Flowers and photos make the space my own
Flowers and photos make the space my own


Our hallway used to be disgusting! It was so dark and had so many different patterns – it actually made me feel sick! It doesn’t have much natural light either, so the plan here has just been to lighten it all up a bit with blues and whites which has made a huge difference 🙂

Dark Hallway!
Dark Hallway!
After – sorry about the puppy photobomb!


Our bedroom is different shades of brown so that it feels warm, cosy and calm, however most of the time it’s a total mess and comes complete with a floordrobe. This room has my favourite artwork in as we got a large canvas of our first dog made and this sits above our bed. I’ll never get bored of seeing this photo as it always makes me smile 🙂

20150107_194119 20150107_194054



Our bathroom is a total embarrassment and first on our list of expensive projects! It’s a green suite with carpet (carpet in a bathroom?!) which was lovingly left behind by the previous owners. It comes complete with a cracked sink and without a properly functioning shower, but yet strangely I’ve become quite attached to this room. I love the stark difference between the bathroom and the rest of the house and also really like how our stuff in here looks so out of place!

20150106_203111 20150106_203054


Lastly, our spare bedroom/office is bright orange and grey because I wanted something really loud and different. I constantly wish this was my bedroom instead of the study because this room is me through and through. We do all of our blogging and designing in here and I find that the layout and colour of this room are really inspiring and keep my energy levels up! I like the way we have several pieces of artwork including The Red Arrows and other planes and cars in the same place as all my blogging equipment as it really brings together our two passions of writing/fashion & beauty and anything with an engine!

20150107_192804 20150107_192812


And the tour is complete!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! Renovating the house and making it our own has been such a fun project and getting our foot on the property ladder so young has been a real achievement, yet for me, the best part about it all has been finally having a place to call my own. I love coming home to an empty house and sitting in peace and quiet (although I still adore the craziness of my parents house), I love having the freedom to sing at the top of my lungs when nobody else is home but even more than that, I love knowing that every bit of me has been put into making this house something completely different to what it was when we picked up the keys. My first home has changed me for the better. It’s made me more responsible and yet more free all at the same time and I wouldn’t change moving out of my parents house for anything in the world (even if they would still cook my dinners and do all my washing!)

Thanks so much for reading! I know this post is a little different to usual, but I really hope you liked it 🙂 Please get in touch and let me know what you thought using the comments below and don’t forget to share, like and subscribe as well of course!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


5 thoughts on “My first home!

  1. I love your house! ❤ You've done such a good job with it. Whilst me and my boyfriend are going to be renting at first, our dream is to buy our own little fixer-upper house. We both love a bit of the DIY! Can't wait to have my own place that I put all that work in to!
    Great post! 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Becca, I’m so glad you like it 🙂 It’s nowhere near finished, but it’s been good to sit down and look at how far we have come! Good luck to you are your boyfriend as moving in together is so good 🙂 Hope you find your perfect pad soon! xx


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