#TakeBackWhatsYours – Sharing happiness, love and positivity!

Take Back What’s Your’s Campaign

Hey everyone, welcome back! I’m so glad that I’m getting to write more lately 🙂 I really hope you‘ve been enjoying the wide variety of posts which have gone up recently and of course there will be more of these to come! Today, I’ll be writing about a campaign I was made aware of called “Take Back What’s Yours” which I think is really important for us all to get behind! Thanks so much to Carrie from Pale and Persian for nominating me to get involved! Please check out her blog as she writes so much amazing content – I could literally read her blog for hours 🙂

So, what is the ‘Take Back What’s Yours’ campaign all about?

This campaign is all about bringing happiness to our lives with positivity, support and love! This campaign aims to bring nothing but love and support to the community and if it help’s anyone who read this to be more positive, more confident or even just puts a smile on their face, then it has to be worth it!

When I saw this campaign, I knew I needed to take part! I’m sure for my regular readers out there, you will have seen a few of my posts where I talk about having doubts about my ability and appearance which delayed me starting my blog. Not just for me but for most girls I know, we have our insecurities, our doubts and are often own worst enemies! So this year I am all about being confident and self-assured and I hope my pledge reflects this 🙂 My resolution is pretty personal and I pledge to stop comparing myself, both physically and in ability, to other people.

We are all on different paths and have different strengths and weaknesses which make us all beautiful and actually, what I have begun to realise through starting my blog, is that people look at the things I write and do and aspire to be like me or are inspired by the things which I do! It’s so easy to go through life blinkered to positives about yourself and instead viewing everyone else as being better than you, but I can guarantee that someone else is looking at you wishing they had something of yours, whether it’s your confidence, your ease of carrying off a conversation or even your style! I take inspiration from many fellow bloggers who I know through their writing have the very same anxieties I have, so why should I limit myself based on a warped self perception? This year, I aim to stop comparing myself to others and instead play to my strengths. I aim to acknowledge my weaknesses as having them makes me human, but instead of beating myself up about them, I’m going to embrace them and learn from them. I’m also going to try to let people know what it is about them that I love so that they can embrace this – especially if it is something which they perceive to be a flaw! I’m going to share the love and banish the negativity and I hope you all join me in this!

Everything in life is sent to test us, but ultimately we have a finite amount of time on this Earth, so let’s make every second of it the best it can be with a bit of positivity 🙂

How do you take part?

It’s so simple! All you have to do is:

  • Write a blog post talking about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part
  • Share your #TakeBackWhatsYours resolution
  • Tag 10 bloggers to take part
  • Let me know if you’re taking part so I can gain inspiration from your pledges 🙂
  • And if you can – include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster (doesn’t have to be artistic!) with the words #Takebackwhatsyours
No make up because it's Sunday and I just got back from the gym sorry!
No make up because it’s Sunday and I just got back from the gym sorry!

 Now It’s time to tag 10 of my wonderful fellow bloggers to take part in this amazing campaign and hope that they see value in this also. As well as tagging them I’m going to start with my pledge and share a little message about each as to why I have nominated them and why I love their work so much!

The people I ‘m going to tag are –

  • Beck in a Blog: It’s no secret this is one of my absolute favourite blogs to read as it’s so well written, the content is amazing and the photos are all absolutely gorge! Plus Becca is absolutely lovely and has become a really beauty blogger buddy!
  • Georgina’s Hideaway: This blog is so sweet and the way which Georgina writes is so fun and easy to read, plus her range of posts is great 🙂
  • KateKiwii: I’ve only recently started following Kate’s blog, but again it is so well written with amazing content and her pictures are always AMAZING!
  • Loves and Loathes: I hope my blog is half as good as Helen’s! Her reviews and posts are so detailed and yet easy to read – I always look forward to her next instalment!
  • Clare’s Beauty: Clare’s passion for beauty products is so clear in her abundance of detailed reviews! Reading her reviews has actually convinced me to sign up for Birchbox!
  • Anomalous Me: Emma is so enthusiastic and bubbly in the way she writes, plus she writes about so much different stuff! Again another blog I cannot get enough of 🙂
  • The Avon Insider: So much more than just Avon products! As well as her fab reviews, Jen posts some lovely posts about all different aspects of her life! Another blog I’ve only recently discovered, but seriously worth a read 🙂
  • Ymor Beauty: I have serious blog envy! From the way it’s written to the way it looks and all the great content, Romy definitely is my inspiration 🙂 (although I’m nowhere near as composed or professional!)
  • That Chic Fashion Blog: Vanessa is seriously talented and has a great eye for fashion and she is so young! Definitely check her out if you haven’t already!
  • Maja Estelle: Another blog with so much variety and one that I cannot wait for the next instalment of 🙂 A firm favourite of mine!

I really hope you liked this post and that it filled you with some warm positive energy and some inspiration to love yourself! Please share you pledges and resolutions in the comments below and of course if you enjoyed this please like, share and subscribe on all of my different channels including Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


11 thoughts on “#TakeBackWhatsYours – Sharing happiness, love and positivity!

  1. This is wonderful! ❤
    Thank you so much for such kind words – you literally have no idea how much it means to me!
    You are such a gorgeous person, both on the inside and the outside (:
    I will definitely be taking part! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so welcome Becca! I know I always tag you in these things, but I mean it when I say yours was one of the first blogs I saw when I started blogging and also one of my faves, and still is! Thanks so much for your compliments, they mean the world to me 🙂 xx


  2. This is a great pledge Leanne! It took me a long time to do this, but when you stop comparing yourself to others, you will thrive. Like Dr. Seuss said: “There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Thank you so much for the nomination and kind words!! Much love.

    p.s. I had to re-follow because I lost some of the blogs I used to read during my blog migration!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderfully written post and the campaign is a great idea! I read this quote that states, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. I absolutely agree because often times we spend our time and energy comparing ourselves to others and downplaying our own achievements. Not until we stop comparing ourselves to others can we truly find happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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