Fat Loss Mission: Back on the Bandwagon

Hey everyone,

It’s time again for a fat fighting update! This is my first one since I admitted that I had kind of slipped head first off the fitness bandwagon, but I am firmly back on now and my journey continues!

You’ll be pleased to know I am feeling quite a lot better now, despite the fact my virus still lingers on and I am still really needing my inhaler especially after cardio based activities, but in myself I have far more energy and am ready to hit the ground running (literally)

My plan at the moment is to try to lose approx. 2lbs per week if possible for the next 3-6 weeks, although I’m not really weighing myself so I have no idea how I am going to keep track of this, so I’ll go more on how I feel and inches lost

Yesterday evening I did my first full gym session in about a month off and oh my goodness it was TOUGH! But I didn’t quit. I knew I would feel better when I had finished my workout, so an hour and a half later I felt really proud of myself for pushing through! I did a 12 minute cardio HIIT session (which involves running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds alternating but on each run increasing the gradient of the treadmill by another 3 incline! By 12 incline my legs and lungs were on fire and I struggled to sprint for 60 seconds, but I did it and managed to get 1.5km done in 12mins which I am determined to beat as soon as I can walk and sprint faster! I also really want to manage two of these cardio sessions back to back, so that is definitely my next fitness goal 🙂

As well as that I did a super intense core circuit with some add core machines afterwards and my main focus was legs, where I did weighted calf raises, leg push (wasn’t feeling quite strong enough for squats yet) and the inner thigh machine!

This evening I started my workout with the same cardio HIIT exercise and then focussed on back and shoulder exercises before finishing with a kettlebell circuit 🙂 I’ve really missed being at the gym and I am so glad to be back, so let’s hope that I tone up super quick with all the hard work I will be putting in combined with the pretty intense diet overhaul I have taken on!

Here are my current stats (I guess they are probably pretty much the same from last time but here they are anyway!):


Bust: 35.5 inches (+0.5 from last update)

Waist: 29 inches (+1 from last update)

Hips: 36 inches

Arm: 12 inches

Thigh: 23.5 inches (+0.5 from last update)

Weight: 10st 1lbs

I have a bit of a fat weekend planned with loads of festivities, big meals and quite frankly I will not be thinking about making healthy choices this weekend, I’ll only be thinking about enjoying myself!

I hope you are all still enjoying this series (although I’ve changed the title as I totally failed achieving 10% fat loss in 10 weeks!) but please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know or that you would find helpful to see! Also, please let me know how you are getting on as hearing about other peoples journeys really helps to keep me motivated!

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Lots of love, Leanne xx


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