So sorry!

Hey everyone,

i just wanted to apologise for the for the lack of posts from me lately! Work and home have been so busy and I’ve just not had the time to sit down and write the fab content I have planned for you! I guess life just got in the way of blogging a bit recently, but I really hope that is all to change now 🙂

Soon to come is is:

– a haul post/video

– face off series

– product reviews

– monthly favourites

– tutorials

and im sure I’ve forgotten some too! So please stay posted for lots more to come soon 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


Keeping fit and more importantly healthy!

Hey everyone,

This is just a short post on something which anyone who knows me will know I talk about a lot!

There is nothing worse than going somewhere and touching something which you know is dirty, like handrails and stuff, but at the gym it’s pretty hard to avoid! I love going to the gym and on my mission to be fitter and healthier I spend a lot of time there, but it’s hard not to think about who else has used the equipment before you! In often hot rooms with lots of people you know there must be loads of bacteria all over the equipment which makes me feel gross, however,  I came across this really interesting post (with a fun infographic which I am sucker for) about keeping equipment clean and the importance of having good personal hygiene to stop the spread of germs (I always have hand sanitiser with me for example!)

I hope you enjoy (and that it doesnt gross you out too much!) – you can read/view it here 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Weightloss Update – short and sweet!

So this week has been the first week of the year where it really felt like Summer, and that to me set alarm bells ringing! I have about 11 weeks to lose 11lbs (or the equivalent in inches) before I go on holiday as at the moment I am in no way summer body ready!

After a few weekends of partying and drinking to excess (which were totally worth it by the way) I really really do need to be super good in the week, and I am pleased to say that this week I haven’t been too bad! A few unplanned events led to a couple of naughtier dinners, but having my Fitbit really keeps me on track with my exercise and steps, so that is a small victory if nothing else 🙂

Tomorrow I am heading to my first ever boot camp training session, which I am very excited for, but am also terrified about, especially as I am going on my own, but I am sure it will be worth it! As well as that, on Sunday I am planning on going for either a pretty hefty workout at the gym or a long bike ride, so either way I am getting my exercise in!

So I haven’t done my measurements lately as to be quite honest I just cannot be bothered, because I just haven’t stopped but at last check they were all pretty good and both them and the pounds were going the right way…down!

I’ll post pics and stats at a later date, but for now I am going to have the most uncool Friday night ever and get in to bed with a terrible Netflix movie!

Sorry for the badly written post without pictures or stats and for the fact I haven’t posted anywhere near as much as I had planned to, however all being well you should be getting some pretty decent make up and fashion posts within the next few weeks yay!

Thanks so much to everyone for putting up with my rubbish posting schedule, I really appreciate all the support you guys give me – being a part of the fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging communities really is the best!

Lots of love, Leanne

My 4 top picks for Spring 2015!

Hey everyone!

So the sun is shining today to really end the long weekend on a high and it got me thinking! We are now officially out of Winter and the shops are all starting to stock their Spring/Summer clothes so I thought I would share with you some of my top picks for items and trends to watch out for this season 🙂

Please remember (just a little disclaimer before I start) that I am by no means a fashion expert, but these are all things I will be wearing over the next few months. I don’t really have a distinct style, I just pick what I like and go with the flow, so if you disagree that’s fine, but hopefully you enjoy the items I’m feeling!


The seventies are back yay! I am a huge fan of older fashion anything from 50’s-70’s are my favourite, because the cuts and prints are so much more exciting that a lot of what we see today and this season so much of that is inspired by the seventies. Lots of florals, flared trousers, waistcoats and fringing galore! Some of my favourite picks include:




Camel has been a huge colour throughout winter and that doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon, so it’s time to pick up a few items in camel to fulfil your colour crush! Some of the favourite ones I have seen are:



Often suede can make you think of horrible items of clothing or for some reason it always makes me think of corduroys, however suede is in at the moment in a big way! I’ve already purchased a pair of suede shorts (in camel of course!) ready for the spring and summer from H&M and I am sure I will be adding more! If the idea of wearing suede scares you, why not try suede accents through your accessories, such as ankle boots or bags! Here are my faves:





Not a style I’ve ever been a huge fan of as I think it can often look a bit costumey, however this season I have seen so many lovely pieces with really subtle fringing to meet the trend which I am definitely tempted to try! Here are my faves:



So there are my 4 top picks for trends for Spring/Summer 2015! I hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you inspiration and if you like any of the items shows above they are all from either Missguided, Boohoo, Asos, H&M or Pretty Little Thing 🙂 Let me know what your fave trends are at the moment in the comments below!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Maybelline Master Graphic Eyeliner Review

Hey everyone,

I haven’t been so good at sticking to my posting schedule recently and planned this week to have already posted a weightloss update and my March favourites, but due to one thing and another that hasn’t happened, oh well!

Today I decided that it has been a really really long time since I did a review, so that is exactly what I’m posting today and if you hadn’t already guessed from the title, today I am reviewing the Maybelline Master Graphic Eyeliner! And don’t worry if you haven’t got time to read all this post, catch up with my pros and con’s for a bitesize overview at the bottom of this post 🙂

The reason I decided to do this post now is because recently I had to repurchase it as my first one ran out! I’ve owned this eyeliner for ages, literally since it was first released I think, and normally I am a bit fickle with the beauty products I purchase, but amazingly, when my first eyeliner ran out, instead of looking to buy another similar product there was no doubt in my mind that this was the eyeliner I was going to buy!

Before finding this product I used to use a liquid eyeliner with a smaller brush tip, where the liquid was often very watery and often transferred to your upper lash line, which wasn’t too much of a problem, however, I was certain there must have been a better way. I’ve never been a huge fan of kohl for a good cat eye (probably my signature look – I wear winged liner everyday!) so for me, finding the perfect eyeliner was of huge importance. Like I said, being a fairly fickle shopper, often swapping between products based on cost, I’m pretty fortunate that I have tried pretty much everything out there, and one day a year or so ago I stumbled across the launch of this product in Boots.

When I first went to use this I was scared! It was so different to other eyeliners that I had used. When you touch it, it doesn’t feel like a liquid liner at all so I was worried it would be rubbish for what I wanted it for and looking more like a whiteboard marker than standard eyeliner also scared me a bit! I gave it a go anyway and honestly I have been hooked ever since!


The fact that the tip is angled means you can achieve a different sized line so easily depending on how dramatic you want your makeup to be. The fact that the tip is also flat allows you to create a straight line up from the corner of your eye to easily achieve the perfect winged liner! Although at first sometimes it can seem to apply a bit like a dried up felt tip, with a few goes over it creates the perfect line and consistency without becoming cakey and crumbly like other liners I have used. Even better is that once it’s applied it’s almost instantly dry, so no more hanging around trying not to ruin the rest of your makeup, you can just get on and go, which is perfect in a hurry!


I find it lasts all day and night if I need it to, without any rub or transfer throughout the day and when I do want to remove it at night it comes off as easy as it goes on! I love it and honestly don’t think I am going to find another eyeliner which even comes close to this for such an amazing price.  It’s only £5.99 in Boots and is almost always on offer. It must be good as you can’t even order it online at the moment! For me it’s already a winner purely because I always use this on other people when I am doing their makeup, recommend it when other people ask how I do my eyeliner and was a definite repurchase, which is definitely the highest accolade I can give a product 🙂

For me this is an absolute 5/5 however I can understand how others may not get along so easily with it as it is a bit confusing to get used to, but with practice I am sure it will be a firm favourite in almost any make up junkies kit!


  • Cheap
  • Lasts all day and all night
  • Create different sized lines using the different edges of the tip
  • Dark colour which is easy to build on
  • So easy to create the perfect winged liner due to multi-angled tip
  • Small enough to take with you anywhere
  • Dries quickly and doesn’t transfer onto upper lid
  • Is a good consistency – not too dry or too runny
  • Lasts for ages even with everyday use
  • Doesn’t dry out


  • Sometimes the inner cap gets stuck on the product (I guess it’s to stop it drying out) but this can be easily opened just by putting the lid on again
  • Could be confusing to a makeup newbie how to use
  • First application can look like dried felt tip, but easily buildable

And here is a typical look of mine created using the Maybelline eyeliner…


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy using this product! Just a quick disclaimer that I bought this product through my own choice and have no affiliation with Maybelline, I just really REALLY love this eyeliner! Let me know if you have a favourite liner in the comments below or if you’ve used this one, let me know how you found it! As always please like, comment and share this post 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx