Keeping mind and body healthy at work

So as you all know I’ve been trying to be healthier lately and after signing up for a 10 mile run later this year it is now more important than ever!

Considering that most of us spend more time at work than we do at home I thought I would write a post about what I do to help keep my workspace healthy all inspired by a company called We Work.

WeWork is a really cool coworking company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. Throughout their expansion, creative and healthy work spaces continue to be a major focus for them which is something I’m totally on board with as I’m lucky enough to work wih an amazing group of people in an amazing space!

So here is a bit more on how I can keep workspace healthy…

I work in an open plan office and am lucky enough that we have free vending machines for drinks like tea, juices and coffee and we also have a bistro which serves a selection of hot and cold foods each day for breakfast and lunch. As well as that our building is in a really good location and is walking distance to loads of lovely fast food outlets, so temptation to be naughty is all around! My first tip for keeping my workplace healthy is to be prepared. It is the days where I haven’t packed a lunch and snacks that I tend to make bad choices so being organised is definitely key! I take breakfast with me which is usually a protein shake or smoothie, followed by lunch which is usually meat and vegetables, salad or sometimes rice and then snacks include fruits and nuts.

My second tip is all about drinking enough water! I am a sweet drink fiend! I don’t like hot drinks so my treats are usually fruit juice or cola which are both full of sugar 😦 I find that sometimes if I haven’t had a great sleep and I have been pretty busy I can get a headache or feel sleepy and usually that means I turn to a sugary drink to pick me up where others would go and get a cup of coffee. However, I now find that actually I get less sleepy and irritable when I drink plenty of water. I aim for 2-3 litres everyday at the moment and have purchased a 1 litre bottle so that I know I need to drink at least the whole thing before lunch and then the same again before I go home! I used to have a smaller bottle but when I finished it I always forgot to go and fill it up again, so now I can get past that and am definitely drinking more as a result 🙂

The last thing I do which I find really helps is I try to stay as active as I can! Working in an office is pretty sedentary, but wherever possible I get up and go to speak to people, go out for walks in my lunch breaks and also have signed up for lunchtime exercise classes such as yoga and pilates to get me away from my desk and using my muscles. When that isn’t possible I also try to do stretches and have little breaks just to give my brain a rest which is really important and actually often make me more productive than it would if I just strapped myself to my desk and ploughed on.

Even though this post is mostly about keeping your body healthy (because it is so hard to do when you are sat behind a desk all day) keeping your mind healthy is also really important! I do yoga and pilates in my lunch break twice a week and try to get out for walks as often as possible. I also let everyone know when I am not feeling so great or a bit tired so we can talk it out to get out some stress or do some stretching to wake me up a bit – so probably my most important tip is about keeping your mind healthy!

Hopefully you found this interesting and a little bit different to my normal posts – I love writing about this kind of thing because it is so important to look after yourself as much as you can and people always seem to neglect their health at work with the stresses of everything else going on!

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Lots of love, Leanne xx


Fat Loss Mission – Bikini fear and brand new adventures

Hey everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I last updated you on my fatloss journey and there have been many reasons behind it. Firstly, I haven’t been eating so great so haven’t seen many changes despite exercising loads (they do say abs are prepared in the gym and shown in the kitchen after all!) and I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had been recently either.

Anyway here are my latest measurements:

Bust: 36 inches (+0.5 from last update)

Waist: 28.5 inches (-0.5 from last update)

Hips: 35 inches (-1 from last update)

Arm: 12 inches

Thigh: 23.5 inches

Bum: 39.5 inches

Weight: 10st (-1lbs from last update)

So other than some minute differences in my stats from last update, there are some massive things I need to fill you in on! I have 6 weeks left until my holiday and have (stupidly some may say) also signed up to a 10 mile run at the end of October (bear in mind I can run about 1 mile at the moment)

So all this means, more intense training and the necessity to fuel my body better to be able to train harder. By all accounts since I signed up on Friday my eating has been dreadful and my training has been mediocre, but I literally have no excuses left now, so let’s have one last weekend of being naughty and now it is time to get on it for good, otherwise I am going to be left at the finish line!

I’ll keep you updated on my training and fatloss as usual over the next weeks and months – hope your all getting on better than I have been recently! Please let me know how you are getting on and how you get out of training and diet slumps in the comments below 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d do a little review post today because it feels like I has been a while and I have been lucky enough to try loads of new products recently 🙂

Like I have mentioned before in other posts, I am really not loyal just to one brand so I love to try new products or products which are on offer just to see if there is something better out there than what I am currently using. The Revlon Colorstay 24hr Wear Foundation is one of those purchases! It was on offer in Boots when I bought it and I thought it was definitely worth a try as I had seen a bit about in online and wanted to see for myself what it was really like!

I have really fair skin and picked up shade 150 Buff. One thing I was initially very impressed with was the really good range of colours offered by Revlon – this wasn’t even the lightest colour which shows just how broad a spectrum they are offering as I don’t think I’ve ever not purchased the very lightest shade of foundation before! I picked up for the combination/oily skin as this definitely suits me better than dry skin foundations and decided to give it a whirl. This is currently retailing at £9.49 on Boots website but is normally £12.49 – I know when I purchased it I definitely paid less than £10 as I think anything over £10 is pretty expensive for a drugstore foundation!

I initially started using this all over my face every day and was really impressed with how well it held! The below picture is one I shared on Instagram a while ago where I had my make up on for 14 hours and in that time had been to work and taught a dance class and my face STILL looked really fresh! However, I very quickly found out that this was a really heavy foundation which gave me terrible breakouts 😦

Me after a 14 hour day - foundation still looking fresh though!

Me after a 14 hour day – foundation still looking fresh though!

I’ve never had a reaction like that to foundation before, but when I thought about it more, I don’t think I have ever used such a heavy foundation – so really this just clogged up my pores to the point where they couldn’t breathe and it didn’t even matter that I have a good skincare routine, it was too heavy to wear all day! I really liked the foundation though and the coverage it provided so I have adapted how I use this now! It’s worth bearing in mind though that I have pretty spot prone skin anyway so maybe that was a factor and isn’t guaranteed to have that reaction with everyone!

Daily I have begun wearing my MAC Studio Fix Foundation which is really much more expensive than I usually like however, I really haven’t found anything to rival it. I still use the Colorstay every day too though, but just as my under-eye foundation as it is a shade lighter than my MAC Foundation and gives a great finish when combined!

MAC Foundation with Revlon under eyes

MAC Foundation with Revlon under eyes


  • Good coverage
  • Fantastic range of shades
  • Affordable
  • Buildable
  • Blends easily
  • Long wearing
  • 30ml lasts a long time


  • Doesn’t have a pump so applying can be messy and difficult!
  • Quite heavy consistency
  • Made me breakout 😦

Anyone who has read my other reviews will know that other than my star rating two of the biggest factors for me are would I recommend this foundation and would I repurchase?

I have recommended this foundation to fellow blogger and friends, but only to those who either need a medium to full coverage foundation on a budget or have spot free skin. I personally probably won’t purchase this foundation again myself though, purely because that is quite expensive just for an under-eye foundation. I would give this 3 out of 5 because it does look good and last well all day and applies so nicely, it just didn’t work for me 😦

What foundation is your favourite and why? Do you have any affordable recommendations? I’d love to hear them! As always please comment below and don’t forget to like, share and follow! You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, so I hope to see you there soon!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

E.L.F Mini Haul

Hey everyone, it’s been a while huh? So sorry I haven’t been writing (or reading) blogs as much recently, I can’t even begin to let you know how busy I have been. Recently I was involved in launching an internal blog where I work and to be honest, I have been feeling all blogged out temporarily, but I’m back now!

Today I thought I would do a little mini haul for you as I have so much stuff that I want to catch you up on 🙂

So as I am sure most of you are already aware, the Eyes Lips Face website (E.L.F) has closed down and part of them closing meant they were selling of lots of stock really cheap, so naturally I had to get my hands on some! Although I’m devastated the website has closed because I love their products and they were hard enough to get hold of in the UK anyway, I cannot resist a bargain so picked up some products I might not have tried otherwise!

So here goes a little rundown for you and obviously I have broken them down into products for Eyes, Lips and Face (sometimes I think I am a complete and utter genius hahaha)


I ordered two products for eyes and both were very similar. Lots of stuff had already gone when I logged on to the website, so I found colours were very limited, so I decided to order an eyeshadow and shimmer kohl liner. Because colours were limited I opted for a green hue in both, as my eyes are green so sometimes it is nice to use green to highlight the blue accents in them!

20150504_194106 20150504_194256

Normally I stick to darker colours, however, it’s always nice to shake it up a bit, especially in Summer! I haven’t actually got around to trying out a look with these in yet (see that is how busy I have been!) but as soon as I do I will post it here and share it with you 🙂

I really like the colour of the liner, but the colour of the eyeshadow wasn’t my favourite at first viewing, so I am hoping it looks better when worked in to a look properly! However, both were complete bargains at something like 50p each, and both come in gorgeous packaging and apply really nicely – so I can’t complain too much!



Like most girls I know, I am a complete sucker for a lipgloss! I don’t think you can ever own too many and for most girls they are probably one of the first make up products you ever owned. However, they are products which I seem to go through phases of using, as quite often I find them quite sticky, or hard to get right with a colour, so tend to stick to either Vaseline for the day or bold lipsticks for the night. However, I am definitely back on the gloss hype at the moment after buying two from E.L.F. One of them was a coloured Shimmer Lip Gloss, in a golden colour called Believe and the other was a 2 in 1 conditioning gloss in a pink shade called Fanatic. I have used both of these frequently and can say both are really good. In the swatches at the end of this post, it is really hard to see what the colours look like, however, in real life there is a definite subtle glow of gold and orange when applied. I love them both, but I do find that the Shimmer Lip Gloss can be a bit sticky, whereas the conditioning gloss is much slicker 🙂


And the final two products I ordered were for my face and again they are products I probably wouldn’t have purchased at full price but that I was tempted by when they were reduced to clear and they were the cream blush and the shimmer sheets.

20150504_194122 20150504_194212

I’m not a huge fan of cream blushes on me as I prefer a matte finish and often set with powder, so a cream blush kind of gets lost, however, when I do make up for other people, I love to use them as they always look so nice on! I ordered this in quite a bright shade of pink, but honestly I love it! It actually applies more like a powder so I will definitely be using this myself! It also comes in a huge pot, so I’m certain it is going to last forever which is always a bonus and again this was only 25p or something crazy!

The shimmer sheets I ordered came in a golden colour and I was sceptical by how good these would actually be when I read about them on the website, however, when I received them and tried them out I was instantly in love! So much so I ordered loads more and even gave them as gifts to friends who I knew would love them to! If you can get your hands on any, I’d definitely recommend them as they are so much more convenient than carrying around a huge bronzer all day, and I have found that even in the golden colour, they act really well as a coloured highlight to just really accent the upper cheekbone. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t know about these before, but I love them!

Check out my swatches below:


In order from top to bottom – Shimmer Sheet in Golden, Studio Matte Eyeshadow in Mint, Studio Cream Blush in Seductress, 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss in Fanatic, Shimmer Lip Gloss in Believe, Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Grassy Green

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and if you can I would definitely recommend checking out the E.L.F website before absolutely everything is gone!

Have you tried any E.L.F products before? If you have I would love to know what you thought of them! Or if you have any similar brands then please let me know too!

Lots of love, Leanne xxx