Keeping mind and body healthy at work

So as you all know I’ve been trying to be healthier lately and after signing up for a 10 mile run later this year it is now more important than ever!

Considering that most of us spend more time at work than we do at home I thought I would write a post about what I do to help keep my workspace healthy all inspired by a company called We Work.

WeWork is a really cool coworking company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. Throughout their expansion, creative and healthy work spaces continue to be a major focus for them which is something I’m totally on board with as I’m lucky enough to work wih an amazing group of people in an amazing space!

So here is a bit more on how I can keep workspace healthy…

I work in an open plan office and am lucky enough that we have free vending machines for drinks like tea, juices and coffee and we also have a bistro which serves a selection of hot and cold foods each day for breakfast and lunch. As well as that our building is in a really good location and is walking distance to loads of lovely fast food outlets, so temptation to be naughty is all around! My first tip for keeping my workplace healthy is to be prepared. It is the days where I haven’t packed a lunch and snacks that I tend to make bad choices so being organised is definitely key! I take breakfast with me which is usually a protein shake or smoothie, followed by lunch which is usually meat and vegetables, salad or sometimes rice and then snacks include fruits and nuts.

My second tip is all about drinking enough water! I am a sweet drink fiend! I don’t like hot drinks so my treats are usually fruit juice or cola which are both full of sugar 😦 I find that sometimes if I haven’t had a great sleep and I have been pretty busy I can get a headache or feel sleepy and usually that means I turn to a sugary drink to pick me up where others would go and get a cup of coffee. However, I now find that actually I get less sleepy and irritable when I drink plenty of water. I aim for 2-3 litres everyday at the moment and have purchased a 1 litre bottle so that I know I need to drink at least the whole thing before lunch and then the same again before I go home! I used to have a smaller bottle but when I finished it I always forgot to go and fill it up again, so now I can get past that and am definitely drinking more as a result 🙂

The last thing I do which I find really helps is I try to stay as active as I can! Working in an office is pretty sedentary, but wherever possible I get up and go to speak to people, go out for walks in my lunch breaks and also have signed up for lunchtime exercise classes such as yoga and pilates to get me away from my desk and using my muscles. When that isn’t possible I also try to do stretches and have little breaks just to give my brain a rest which is really important and actually often make me more productive than it would if I just strapped myself to my desk and ploughed on.

Even though this post is mostly about keeping your body healthy (because it is so hard to do when you are sat behind a desk all day) keeping your mind healthy is also really important! I do yoga and pilates in my lunch break twice a week and try to get out for walks as often as possible. I also let everyone know when I am not feeling so great or a bit tired so we can talk it out to get out some stress or do some stretching to wake me up a bit – so probably my most important tip is about keeping your mind healthy!

Hopefully you found this interesting and a little bit different to my normal posts – I love writing about this kind of thing because it is so important to look after yourself as much as you can and people always seem to neglect their health at work with the stresses of everything else going on!

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Lots of love, Leanne xx


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