My first fashion show – Behind the scenes

On Saturday 30th May I was involved in my very first fashion show so I thought I would share with you all my experience!

I was lucky enough to get to spend all my time at the fashion show with What Sarah did, an amazing store in Hitchin who sell such a fabulous array of clothes.

Like I said I have never been involved in a fashion show before and I have to admit that before this one I was extremely nervous and really didn’t know what to expect, however my fears were soon allayed and it turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience and I really hope I get to be a part of it again next time!

I thought I would run you through a little timeline of the day so here goes…


I arrived a 9.30am and honestly felt like I was late! Already there was a buzz in the air and all systems were already ago! Girls were in makeup, getting dressed and looking through their outfits as well as going through run-throughs of their walks. Not only that, but the store was open to customers so you can imagine the atmosphere. It was honestly one of the best feelings being behind the scenes and getting to see what goes into a show.

20150530_094716_resized 20150530_095910_resized10.20am

About an hour after arriving I take a trip down to the market square to see the catwalk.The tents are being put up by friends and family of the stores, however there is a slight drama! It would seem that someone who was using the square the day before had left a trailer behind and messed up the organisation of the tents! No sweat for the guys and girls who are walking though, who like true professionals adjust their sets accordingly and work around (excuse the pun) the rather large obstruction. Massive well done to everyone involved in hiding the trailer as well, you honestly couldn’t tell it was there unless you knew!


Make up is being finished and everyone is getting dressed and putting on accessories. I have to say I’m the worst at accessorising with jewellery and scarves and often go through phases of wearing jewellery to accentuate my outfits, but being in What Sarah did and seeing the amazing jewellery made me want it all! There was an amazing selection of earrings, chokers, necklaces and even arm cuffs which had me completely obsessed, my favourites were probably the daisy choker and arm cuff which I am very tempted to go back and purchase for my upcoming holiday!


They were both cute and sassy, a combination which I adore and is very much my style! At this point everyone is getting a bit tenser, a few more glasses of Prosecco are being downed for a bit of dutch courage and everyone is starting to get jitters, both through excitement and nerves. At this point it is really clear to see the inspiration for the What Sarah did show. Pulling on festival vibes, mainly Coachella andd the huge diversity of styles you get there, the looks are all fun, flirty and individual! After photos are taken, both impromptu and professional, it’s time to go!


Everyone who is taking part in the show is now gathered at Osinskys in the town centre, and the room is full of a completely diverse and eclectic bunch of people. I’ve never felt more at home in a room! There are young girls in flower crowns, glamorous women in fascinators, some of the highest heels I have ever seen and bare feet, all accentuating the different styles of the stores they are representing. All of the decades seem to be there from the 40’s and 50’s right up until influences from today. More pictures are being taken, people are pacing and the view from the bar shows that the town centre is packed with people waiting to see the show!


And then it was show time…

It was over in a flash, although I am sure it lasted for almost an hour! Stores from all price ranges and styles were represented with some of my favourite collections coming from Rubarb and Rosita Lollipop (and What Sarah did of course, but that goes without saying!) and the best part about it all was that the diversity of the stores, was represented in the diversity of the audience. To a background of amazing music and a gorgeous summer day, that was it, all the models had walked like complete pros, the audience loved it and then it was all over.

So what would I recommend you look out for this summer?

– bold shapes (taking cues from previous decades, seventies and nineties)

– colours and prints are definitely in – the bolder the better

– jumpsuits and playsuits are still a huge trend

– chunky shoes

– variations of fabrics e.g. denims, suede etc.

And what did I take away from it all?

Besides the amazing Motel jumpsuit I bought… I took away a new found understanding! This was definitely an eye opener as to how much goes in to putting on such a show but it was absolutely something I want to be involved in again. It also really showed me how much I love fashion, all the different colours, prints, shapes, cuts and sizes – I literally cannot get enough. It makes me want to own my own store (as I can’t design so that is out of the window) but to be able to run a store which houses collections from designers would be a complete dream of mine!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for the full gallery of pictures coming very soon. Don’t forget to comment, like, share and subscribe! Lots of love, Leanne xx


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