GRWM: My Current Foundation Routine

Hey everyone,

Like I promised on Sunday this post is all about my updated face makeup routine! I did one a while ago when I first started out (which you can read here) but that has changed a lot since I have been in the beauty blogging world, so I thought I would share with you what I do now!

I know that reading a pictorial isn’t exactly the best way of keeping you all updated, but I am working on a series of short tutorial videos as well, so please stay tuned for those 🙂

I guess it is also worth mentioning, that I don’t really go for the natural look! For me wearing makeup is all about expressing who I am, so I like to use bold colours and lines every day, so I have added in a few variations for a more natural look if that is more your preference or my everyday look which can also be added to for the perfect glam night time look…

Step 1 – It’s all about the preparation!

This has to happen way before you even begin to apply makeup though so make sure each night before bed you remove all your makeup and then cleanse, tone and moisturise to ensure the perfect base for your makeup. This goes for your brushes too, not only is it important to have a clean face it’s also important to have clean brushes, so make sure you clean these regularly, no matter how much of a chore it is 🙂

Suggested products: Garnier all the way!

Step 2 – It’s still all in the preparation! (Don’t worry that isn’t the title of all the steps)

Making sure your skin is ready to be the perfect base (a bit like you need foundations when building a house) is essential! For me this includes using a good mattifying primer to allow my makeup to stay on for a longwear. I don’t always wear primer, this is usually just if I’m going out or just want an extra pick me up! To apply my primer I just squeeze a small amount into my hands and then use my fingers to rub this in all over my face until it has been evenly applied. Simple!

Suggested products: Nars Primer, Loreal Primer, ELF Primer

Step 3 – Don’t forget the layers

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but there are so many layers going on underneath my top layer of makeup that people just will not be able to see or understand the effort which goes into it! This buildable preparation though, helps to give the overall finish which everyone sees so it really is essential! For my next steps I then apply a BB Cream with a foundation brush and blend it with the brush followed by my Nanshy Sponge to ensure it is properly blended, before adding a lighter foundation under my eyes and onto any areas where I have imperfections. I feel like the lighter foundation acts as a good base and seems to deflect light away from these areas! Then it is on to the all over foundation! For this you want to use a shade which matches your current skin tone, which for me being slightly tanned, is the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation which I will review very soon! I apply this all over using my Real Techniques brush, before blending in with this and again using my Nanshy Sponge to ensure it looks airbrushed. Once this has been completely blended (including under my neck and ears to ensure there are no lines) I then apply my Collection Illuminating Concealer to get rid of any imperfections. Once this is done we are almost there – it’s basically just the finishing touches left 🙂

Step 4 – The finishing touches

To ensure that your face looks flawless and stays put all day it is really important to finish your look properly. I allow the liquids to dry slightly (no more than a few mins) before applying on my t-zone the Loreal Magique BB Powder in shade Light, which works to mattify and set the makeup here. I use my Kabuki brush from Wilkinsons to apply this as it picks up the perfect amount of product to give the effect I want without looking caked on! Once I have applied this I then go ahead and start shaping my face. Without makeup I look quite young thanks to a combination of slightly bad skin and chubby cheeks which give me a youthful look. To look older (and just generally better!) bronzing, countouring and highlighting are essential, but for some of you out there, this may not be something you want to do everyday. As a minimum I would advise you to follow the bronzing and blusher stages, but if you’re feeling brave give it all a go as it really is worth it!

I begin by applying my Bronze under my cheek bones, in between my chin and mouth, upper forehead and temples with a blusher brush, before using my Wilkinsons brush to blend this all in. Next step is to apply some highlighter. Again I use a powder highlight on top of my cheekbones right on the outer edge, on my upper lip, nose tip and inner eyes. I also use a cream or crayon on my lip and eyes for a more pronounced highlight, but this isn’t essential!

Once you have applied your highlight, you can now focus on contouring which you don’t need to be afraid of, as with this method there isn’t too much that can go wrong! I apply my darkest shade of powder over my bronzer on my cheek, but only about 2/3 of the way I applied my bronzer. I apply this with my Real Techniques brush in a straight line. You don’t have too apply it so heavy if you are nervous as these powders are excellent to build on, so start slowly as it is always easier to add more than to have to take some away! Once you have added the contour to your cheeks, I then apply some along the edges and tip of my nose, to give the illusion of a more pronounced and defined as well as slightly smaller nose. Once I have applied these I buff in using the same brush in circular motions. Once these lines are blurred, I then use my Wilksinsons brush again to completely blend all the powders together.

PhotoGrid_1439239943990And there you have it! Your face is finished! It really isn’t that hard, although I appreciate written down there are a lot of steps and products involved, but like they say practice makes perfect. As you can see in my finished picture, I added dark smokey eyes (my signature look) with a red lip, but this could also have just used a slick of clear gloss, mascara and brows finished and would still look incredible, that is just not my style!


Let me know how you get your face ready as I would love to hear more about your routines to see if there is anything else I can learn! Also let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see from me 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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