Tutorial – My powder brow look

Hey everyone, sorry that I havent posted in a couple of weeks! I just really wasn’t feeling it to be honest and really didn’t want to write content I just wasn’t loving.

So today I am writing about my brows. It is something which I have been inspired to write by a number of people who I work with who ask me on a regular basis how I do my brows so perfectly everyday, so I thought instead of telling everyone individually I might just as well just show you here instead 🙂

But first, I thought I would do a history lesson – my brows through the ages I guess! I went from natural, to slightly over plucked, to slightly over done to just right and eventhough now I love them, I’m sure I will change how I do them in the future purely because I love updating my look and my makeup routine!

Screenshot_2015-08-23-20-15-03 Screenshot_2015-08-23-20-14-59

And if you can stick with me through those horror history photos (I know they are dreadful) then thanks and here is how I do my brows now – it really only takes 5 minutes, but I think is can make the biggest transformation to my look!

So I do all my other make up first and leave my brows to last. To begin I use my brow spooly to get my brows all facing in the same direction and shaped as I want them and then apply a small amount of brow gel to fix the shape and help hold the product. My current routine involves a powder product although you can also use pencil. I’ll do a pencil tutorial soon though as for now I want to focus purely on how I get the look I love so much!

Before brows are done!

Before brows are done!

I use a small angled brush from Wilkinsons which I find easier to use than the small brushes which come with the palette purely because you can get better shaping and grip. I then use the Seventeen Brow Palette and use the mid brown colour to begin shaping. I start just past the upwards faing part of the brow and always start at the bottom, using a small amount of product to begin definining the shape and angle, using less and less product towards the outer corner.

When shaping your brows it is important to remember two things…

  • Don’t overpluck your brows! It is tempting and really easy to do, but I promise that you will regret it. It’s much easier to tame overgrown brows than to grow back new ones. To be honest, I would advise avoiding plucking brows for shaping at all as it is really hard to get good definition and shape. I only use my tweezers to pick up the odd stray hair and if I want to get a reshape I will go for threading or HD Brows if I want them to be tinted as well. For first timers, HD Brows is definitely the best as they analyse your face to get the perfect brow shape J
  • Remember that there is a simple rule to shaping – The inner brow should be in a straight line from the outside of your nose, to your inner eye. Your arch should be in line from your outside nose through your pupil and your outside brow should be in line with your outside nose and outside eye. Simples!

Anyway, once you have definied your shape, I add some more product to my brush and then fill in the top, again leaving the inner brows until last when there is the least product on the brush. I fill in the shape and thickness, ensuring there is no patchiness and then join at the end. Using just a small tap of my brush on the product, I then draw the inner edge of my brow on (I prefer a straight line purely because I have very fair hair and no real upwards facing brow!) and join to the predefined shape. Once this is done I repeat on the other side and then you are done.

20150819_064908 20150819_064837 20150819_064831

Another top tip of mine and something which I think it is key to remember is that your brows should not be completely the same! Just like anything one is likely to be naturally bigger than the other or arched slightly higher so don’t stress. Just make sure they perfectly compliment each other for the perfect finish.

For super crisp brows, finishing touches include cleaning up lines with a small foundation brush to cover any product which has bled elsewhere and using a small highlighter to really accentuate your arches and then you are done!

After brows!

After brows!

I hope you found this useful as I really enjoyed writing this! It is something which I have been meaning to do for ages because people always ask, but just havent got around to it yet 🙂

Please let me know if you found this useful and don’t forget to also let me know what techniques and products you use as like I said I love to keep on learning! And don’t forget if you did enjoy it, follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


3 thoughts on “Tutorial – My powder brow look

  1. Awesome finished look Leanne – oddly enough I was going to buy this last week but thought I’d wait til my Soap & Glory Archery pencil ran down 😀 Will definitely check it out though – looking fab huni! Karen xo

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