Fitness and Weightloss Journey Update

Hey all!

I know it has been a while since I have done one of these, so I thought I would post for you how my weightloss and fitness journey had been going and I have to say that recently it’s been more downs than ups!

So since we last updated on this I have been on holiday, got ill and had quite a long to drink! However, surprisingly my weight and inches have stayed pretty much the same although I definitely feel like I have lost a little bit of muscle definition and am feeling flabbier than normal.

I’m still not feeling quite right because I had a horrible cold which I havent been able to shift so I havent been back to the gym yet, plus after attempting a 10 mile run at the weekend I injured my ankle pretty badly meaning I am now out of action for a minimum of 6 weeks thanks to a nasty sprain šŸ˜¦ I have some clear goals in my head now though as to what I would like to achieve and some body images in my mind I’d like to attain (think Khloe Kardashian or Kylie Jenner!)

Anyway, things are going pretty well in most cases, my eating is definitely better on a whole from before (although it has definitely been pretty bad recently due to laziness) so there isnt too much further to go! So keep your fingers crossed for me and stay posted for my further updates! I’ll post some food diaries and workout plans soon šŸ™‚

Oh and here is what I am looking like at the moment just in case you were wondering…

20150926_121559-1 20150926_121546-1

Lots of love, Leanne xx


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