No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation Review

I’m not sure if I’m unusual, but I seem to own an excessive amount of foundations! Different brands, different colours all which claim to do different things and offer different finishes, so I thought I should probably share them with you (and also find out if I am a weirdo or if all you other make up junkies also seem to have way too may foundations!)

Today as part of this series I thought I would review the No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation. On the pot it claims to last all day and offer a shine free and smooth finish. I bought mine in shade 4C Warm Ivory and actually got colour matched to find this shade.

Now I figured I should probably talk about the whole process from being colour matched right through to actually applying the foundation for the first time and I have to admit I did find the whole thing a bit unnerving and awkward. I’ve been colour matched before by Clinique and expected the process to be similar to this (matched by eye using neck colour by an expert) but it really didn’t work like this! In my local Boots in Hitchin I turned up to the No 7 kiosk, to be greeted by a very pleasant advisor, who promptly admitted that she didn’t wear much makeup when I was apologising for my very unkempt appearance that day! She took out her colour matching device, held it up to my face and then assessed that she thought I needed the fairest shade of foundation to which I immediately looked at her in horror. I had just returned from holiday, looking far more tanned that usual and I was still the lightest shade?! There was no way that was possible!

After some discussion, which included me telling her that my face didn’t really tan and that shade wouldn’t match my body, we decided just to try different shades on my face and I finally found Warm Ivory, although even that when I first tried it on at home seemed maybe a shade too light. She also didn’t seem to know too much about coverage which was a concern as I made her aware I wanted a Medium-Full preferably matte coverage similar to the MAC foundation I was used to, but still offered me a light “buildable” silk finish at first!

Needless to say I didn’t feel like I was in the hands of an expert and that I probably knew more about brands and makeup than she did, but we got there in the end.

As it turned out, on my way home from purchasing this foundation (which was purchased specifically to match my holiday glow) I got invited out for lunch so thought I would give it a go then and there. As always with my foundation application routine (which you can read all about here if you haven’t already) after priming and using my BB cream I then applied the foundation using my foundation brush from Wilkinsons to ensure coverage all over the skin and then using my Nanshy Beauty Blender to provide the finished airbrush appearance before setting with Loreal Magique Powder.

no 7 foundtion

The foundation on and finished!

Once I had finished applying my foundation I did have a bit of a crisis of confidence, convinced that the foundation still looked too light, which led to a succession of pictures being taken in all different lights and asking the opinion of several people (including my Mum who I know I can count on for an always honest opinion!) who settled my nerves.

Now I know all of this sounds pretty bad, but I have to say that although the process wasn’t my favourite, the foundation actually isn’t too bad! It covers really well, only requires one layer and does last all day providing a gorgeous matte finish. It applies well, smells nice and looks good, but it isn’t my favourite foundation. Of all the foundations I own this is actually probably one of my leas favourites! It isn’t as good as the MAC Studio Fix and is on a par with my Collection Lasting Finish foundation which is a fraction of the price, so all things considered I probably won’t be repurchasing!


  • Easy to apply
  • Great coverage
  • Smooth finish
  • Lasts for at least 12 hours with a matte finish
  • Smells good


  • Small spectrum of shades
  • Complicated, fussy and somewhat lacking colour matching service
  • Quite pricey
  • Other foundations are as good but much cheaper
  • Have to use quite a lot for a good finish

So to summarise with my key questions, would I recommend it and would I repurchase? Well the answers to those are no I wouldn’t repurchase and I also wouldn’t recommend it, but I also wouldn’t dissuade others from giving it a go as it isn’t bad, I just think there are better alternatives out there which are definitely cheaper 🙂 From me this gets a 2 out of 5!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite foundations are and whether you have tried any No 7 products and whether you liked them! Also don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe and also to come follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you don’t already 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


6 thoughts on “No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation Review

  1. Such a shame this isn’t something you’d recommend Leanne 😦 I have to say that I adore this foundation, it works perfectly for me and is one of the best I’ve tried that suits my skin. I do agree though that it is a little pricey! I love a full coverage foundation, is there any you would specifically recommend huni? Great review, even if it wasn’t for you 🙂 Karen xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh I know what you mean huni!! I guess it’s just one of those things, I’ve tried a few foundations that others love and they just haven;’t worked for me. Each to their own 🙂 Think I’ll give the Collection a go, Studio Fix looks and sounds fab but I love trying out the drugstore brands – easier on the pocket!! Thanks for the recommendation lovely xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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