New Year, New Me…. Or not!

I totally understand why people choose January to make commitments and massive life changes, however for me it just doesn’t work.


Festive break

Hi all,  So sorry for the lack of content recently! I'm taking a bit of a festive break as I've been so busy recently that I've only just started (and finished) my xmas shopping today so writing has been not on my radar! In the new year though I'll make sure you have loads of … Continue reading Festive break

No Shit November – Wrap Up

No Shit November Wrap Up Hey everyone, I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I have been so busy with gymnastics and just exhausted from general life that I haven’t had the brain capacity to write anything good! But I am back now and thought I would wrap up No Shit November … Continue reading No Shit November – Wrap Up