Doubts & concerns. A normal part of growing up.

6 months is a long time and yet it seems to go so quickly! That is how long it has been since I last wrote on here and I feel so awful for the fact I haven’t been keeping in touch more, but life has been busy both in and out of work and to be honest, I’m not going to beat myself up for enjoying myself a little.

For a while I thought about taking the blog down as I didn’t have the time I used to to devote to something which I created from scratch. Also, people change. The plans I had when this blog was started are so different now and I think that if anything my blog just needs a refresh. The most helpful posts for me have always been ones which are really open and real so instead of talking about fashion and beauty quite so much, I’ll be focussing more on real life. Of course, I still love all that stuff and that will feature, but think of this as a real insight into the life of your very average 20-something woman!

So what has been on my mind lately? For me it has been about whether I am good enough. What do I mean by that? Well some of the things which feature:

  • Am I being a good enough friend/girlfriend?
  • Could I be doing more at work/professionally?
  • Am I too fat and should I be working out more?
  • Am I too hard on myself and worrying about nothing?

The list goes on and on, but you get the picture. The worst part is, I know I am not alone in these thoughts as these are fears a lot of people I know also share in one way or another.

I work so hard and put my all into everything that I do and sometimes it just doesn’t seem enough. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to go for a run or a bike ride, sometimes I would rather just stay in all weekend rather than going out. Luckily, as someone who tries to look at everything from an optimistic point of view, I don’t get stuck in that slump for too long, but it does happen. Take the blog as a perfect example, I started something which I feel like I haven’t been able to finish. At one point it was something which felt like it defined me and now it’s not so great.

And why do we feel like this from time to time? The answer is that we compare ourselves to others!

When you compare yourself to others it is so easy to get in a rut. No two stories are the same, so how can you properly compare? Someone else may seem to have more in one aspect, but without a doubt they look at you and see something that they would like to have just as much.  Instead of focussing on what everyone else has that you wish you did, write a little list of the things you know you do well or have in your life to be positive about. It doesn’t have to be a long list, but the more you can add the better, even small things like smiling at strangers as that goes a long way for some!

I’d love to hear how you feel about this post! What are you biggest fears and concerns? Do you think you are too hard on yourself? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


How time flies…

Wow, I cannot believe that it was the 2nd birthday of my blog this week.

I completely forgot to do anything to commemorate it as it has been one crazy week! Travelling around so much with work, my mums birthday, a major op for a close family member and planning for my last sessions of coaching have taken up all my time and attention.

Finding two minutes to reflect, the 2nd year of my blog hasn’t gone as well as the first and the blame lies completely with me. I haven’t been able to put as much in so naturally I’ll get less from it, but I’m not disheartened. Sometimes life changes your plans and I think that every change or challenge should be viewed as an opportunity. So far this year advancing my career whilst bettering the bonds with my friends and family have been the most important things to me, so lacking a little here has been worth it 🙂

Next week will be very emotional for me as I am leaving gymnastics after 20 years of being involved in the sport, 7 of those in coaching. Dropping one commitment does mean I should be able to find time to write in the week though as well as taking better care of myself, so I’m focusing all my attention on the good that will come from making such a heart-wrenching decision.

More important than looking back though is to continue to look forward. I want to thank you all for your support so far and let you all know I cannot wait to be able to invest more time with you as I am sure then only good things will happen! LifestyleforLess HQ really is a no negative vibes kinda place 🙂

Stick with me!

Lots of love, Leanne xx


Product review and comparison: Kiko Make-up Fixer vs MUA Make-up Fixing Mist

Hey everyone,

Its that time again for another entry and this is one which I have been planning for a while!

Today’s entry is all about 2 fixing sprays which I have purchased and used recently and how I found them so I hope you find this useful 🙂

For anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with fixing sprays, basically the product does exactly what it says on the tin! Once you’ve completely applied your make up you spray this product on top of your face and the idea is that it keeps your make up in place all day.

Kiko Makeup Fixer

So I bought this product a while back when I visited Westfield (the most amazing shopping centre ever maybe?!) and picked up my very first fixing spray ever.

Until I went to Westfield, I’d never been to a Kiko store before as there aren’t that many of them in the UK yet, however I loved it and honestly, think that Kiko offer products of a comparable quality to MAC but for a lot less of the cost. Anyway, aside from the Avene spray which I reviewed before (which is more of a moisturising spritz than a fixer) this was my first jaunt to becoming a more professional make up user/artist and has completely changed the way I get ready in the morning ever since!

First thing which I have to mention is that this is a gorgeous looking product. It comes in a black and white box and inside is an aerosol can in a brushed silver which is a perfect size for storing in your handbag on busy days and looks a lot more high end that it’s retail cost of £7.90 for 75ml! I guess for any of you at home who have tried to fix your make up in place before with hairspray (maybe this is just a performing arts thing?) you’ll know that probably the two most important qualities of a fixing spray are how well it holds your make up in place and whether or not you can see the spray. Hairspray provides a very shiny and sticky finish which can make you look really artificial, and the Avene spray doesn’t offer much hold on it’s own and can also leave small “spots” on the surface of your face (where the liquid dries after being sprayed!) so one of the best things about this product is that because it’s an aerosol it’s super easy to apply, and also means there is no sign of the spray on your face afterwards! In regards to it’s fixing power it is really good, even when used on it’s own without a primer!


– Attractive product and packaging

– Lightweight and small

– Aerosol based making it easy to apply

– Cannot be seen on top of make-up

– Good fixing power even without primer

– Doesn’t feel like a mask on your face


– Product smells very chemically due to aerosol application

– More expensive than competitors

– Doesn’t last very long

MUA Make-up Fixing Mist

In comparison to the Kiko product, this product definitely doesn’t offer the same first impression! The product looks cheap and cheerful but again is a nice size for carrying around with you during the day. It retails at £5 for 60ml (although when I bought mine from Superdrug I think this was on offer, so worked out a lot cheaper than this!) and is a liquid based fixing mist.

The product is so different to the Kiko spray, but actually is just as good! This product claims to hold your make-up in place for 8 hours and let me tell you it works pretty well! After a full day at work when using this product my face still looks fresh. It definitely holds better when paired with a good quality primer (I swear by Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer) but I feel that this actually offers me more protection against shininess than the Kiko spray. This is also a very different application process due to it being liquid based. It’s definitely more difficult to apply as it’s a liquid and quite often ends up getting sprayed in your hair and making a bit of a mess (I probably wouldn’t spray this before doing my hair and getting dressed in the mornings) however, after a few goes of applying it definitely gets easier to apply and to make sure that you’ve covered your whole face well. It doesn’t really have a smell which I much preferred to the chemical smell of the Kiko product and despite the fact that it feels like a heavy liquid in the bottle, when on my face I couldn’t feel or see it at all!


– Cheap

– Lightweight and small

– Easy to get hold of on the high street

– Doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or cakey

– Not visible once applied

– No odour so feels really refreshing

– Long lasting


– Not easy to apply at first

– Can be quite messy to apply


Now one point I have to make very clear before I start my comparison is that I would definitely buy both products again, so if you are in the market for a fixing spray try either of them (or both!) however of the two I preferred the MUA Fixing Mist. The cost of this product is better and despite the fact that you get less in a bottle it last’s so much longer than the aerosol based Kiko spray as for some reason liquids tend to last longer! (the best comparison I can offer is the length of time a roll on deodorant lasts compared to a spray deodorant) Maybe it’s because none of the product is being wasted to make it an aerosol, but honestly for me the less times I have to restock a product in a year the better! I reckon this will last me ages as I’ve already had it for months and use it everyday so I really cannot complain about that at all, whereas the Kiko Spray only lasted about 6-8 weeks of daily use (which is still a good length of time I think!) To be honest, I just generally prefer this product. I like the fact it’s light and odourless and that I can pick it up easier from the shops that I can for the Kiko spray, however both are definitely worth a go 🙂

I give the Kiko Make-up Fixer 4/5 and the MUA Make-up Fixing spray 4.5/5 so it was a really close comparison!

I hope this post was helpful for you, especially if you’ve never tried either of these products before or have never tried a fixing spray! Let me know if you do fix your make-up in place after applying and if so what product you love to use to do so! And don’t forget to comment, like, share, subscribe and follow to show your support 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx