Review: Thai Square Spa

I had all but given up on blogging recently with time being a complete squeeze, but then one email reminded me that I was a good writer and even more than that, I really loved it too.

Not only was I going to a spa (which was well needed) but I would have an excuse to discipline myself to sit down and write and really remind myself what it is I loved about this in the first place. I love writing, but not finding the time to do it is certainly easier than finding it, but perhaps I just needed a little reset and zen time to remember this!

So off I went to Thai Square Spa in Northumberland Avenue for an afternoon in the Sen Space and for a Himalayan Salt Massage!

It was one of the hottest days of the year, the tube was uncomfortable and I was feeling like I’d rather sunbathe in Hyde Park all afternoon, but I went along hopeful (although slightly grumpy!) but luckily the team immediately had me at ease. Speaking in soothing tones, dressed chicly in black and with sparkly marble everywhere, I felt like I was exactly where I should have been (even if my smudged makeup, rushed up do and slovenly attire made me feel just a tad uncomfortable).

I was taken into the changing rooms, provided with my robe, slippers and a locker and then took some time to look around. The changing rooms were so clean, the lockers were big (and free!) and everywhere you looked was a lovely combination of sparkly red and black – it felt so decadent and even better that the slippers actually fit and the robes were soft unlike other spas I have been to.

Then I was taken into the dark and quiet downstairs, quite a difference to upstairs, which was decorated in stone, white and black with tiny Buddha’s holding tea lights everywhere you looked which gave the most amazing finish. An array of curved beds were situated in several areas, with enough room for your own space without being too far from friends and family. In the corner of one of the most relaxing places I have ever been was the Sen Space. Filled with a Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room and an amazing ice funnel/dispenser thing, I was spoilt for choice! The Sen Space is unisex which I was warned about up front. I was sharing the Sen Space with a group of guys which although slightly intimidating at first as I was on my own, was easy to work around. After 30-40 minutes in the Sauna and Jacuzzi (which was amazing by the way!) I made my way to the beds to cool down ready for my massage.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I’ve only ever had a pretty standard half body massage before, but when a lovely softly spoken girl came to meet me I was very intrigued! The spa had such a calming yet mysterious feel! She took me into a treatment room and provided me with a speciality Thai tea which I should have taken the name of as it was beautiful, all whilst receiving a foot soak/massage pedicure treatment. After this it was massage time! Sometimes massages can be uncomfortable, as you can hear the therapist clattering around, making idle chit chat and being naked doesn’t help either, but this wasn’t the case at all here! The therapist (whose name I cannot remember sadly) was so quiet, kept making sure I was comfortable but was still very thorough.

The treatment started off with a hot flannel treatment, before a massage on my feet and legs, then arms and lastly back and shoulders. I carry a lot of tension in my feet and shoulders due to sports injuries and she made sure that every last knot was removed, which although painful, was also hugely relaxing. I wish I could remember more of it to describe in more detail but I had to fight the urge to fall asleep for the full hour as I was just so relaxed. After some lovely smelling oils and lotions I was then rolled onto my back to continue the massage on arms and legs before finishing with a very relaxing face and head massage.

I left the treatment in a lovely little bubble of relaxation which even on a hot tube home stayed with me for days.

I would seriously recommend for anyone to go and I’m already looking to go back for more treatments as the standard of the one I had was so high. It isn’t the cheapest of spas to attend, but I would say that it is so worth the money as it is by far the best experience I have ever had. (I have to point I didn’t have to pay for this treatment in return for a review, however if I hadn’t have enjoyed the experience I definitely would be truthful in my review. Luckily for you all it really was incredible though!)



Review: Orva Co-Ord from Luxemme

Hey everyone, I’m sorry that I am only getting to post once a week at the moment but I promise that I am trying to up it again!

Today I wanted to write about a new and emerging brand I was so lucky to work with in 2015, and which was my first ever blog collaboration! Luckily for me, I’ve been continuing to work with them to promote their brand and because of this was also lucky enough to be sent some of their amazing vouchers (which I will also be giving away on my Instagram keep reading to find out more!)

Now after my amazing co-ord which I was sent back when I first started to work with Luxemme, when I was in a pickle with what to wear to a pre-christmas night out recently I instantly thought about another classic co-ord from Luxemme as they look gorgeous and fit so well!

And that is how I ended up with the Orva Bralet and Midi Skirt in a beautiful burgundy leather 🙂

I ordered this with days to spare but luckily for me the parcel came next day for a reasonable price, and once again packaged beautifully and personally which is such a nice touch, especially in comparison to the larger online retailers!

As I am sure I have mentioned before I am pretty short (well maybe that is an understatement, I’m tiny!) at barely 5ft so ordering a midi skirt can be a bit of a risk, but amazingly the length of this skirt was perfect. I ordered a size 10 and was pretty impressed. With a figure verging on the side of curvy (thankyou boobs and hips for the constant sartorial challenge) sometimes finding things to fit, especially tops and bottoms in the same size, can be a challenge, but I was reassured by the fit of my last outfit from here that this would work! I was pretty right. The skirt fit perfectly, hugging in all the right places, making it look like I had a tiny waist, smooth silhouette and potentially even abs (?!) and was a definite choice, however the top was a little more snug and although gorgeous and totally passable, I just didn’t think I would feel comfortable in it all night, so I ended up swapping for an ever faithful black crop top from Missguided which was teamed off with killer nude heels.


For both pieces it was only £39 which is a bargain for an outfit which is super versatile! Teaming this skirt with smaller heels, t-shirt and a blazer would look just as effective as a full on co-ord so you really can get value for money and a very well made outfit too!

Exactly as last time I think that this was a perfect purchase and completely saved me at the eleventh hour when I really had nothing else to wear! Definitely check Luxemme out if you havent already as their range is constantly adapting and expanding 🙂 I already have my eye on a gorgeous trouser two piece!

And now for the really good stuff! Don’t forget you can get a discount off at Luxemme by going here and using code LIFESTYLE4L to get 10% off (and even better if you head over now you are just in time for their new stock!) 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx


Luxemme Review (and exclusive discount code!)

Hey everyone, I’m back! Sorry for the intermittent/lack of posting recently, I have been so busy with work, weekends away, holidays and being ill but I am really glad to be back in front of my screen and typing away again!

I’m very excited for this post as it is the first collaboration I have worked on since I started my blog, and hope it is the start of many good things to come! Recently an email dropped in at Lifestyle for Less HQ (which lets be honest is wherever my laptop is!) from a brand called Luxemme. Now I like to think that I’m pretty hot on brands, especially online and high street retailers who offer quality products at affordable prices, but Luxemme were not a company I had ever heard of before. I’m so happy that they reached out to me though so that I now have one more amazing place to shop in the future 🙂

When I looked at their website I was hooked! Although they didn’t have an abundance of different products, all of the products that they did have are ones I would definitely purchase. And actually for me, the fact that there weren’t pages and pages of different products was perfect. Some of my favourite online retailers such as Boohoo and Missguided have so many different products that I never have the time or patience to scroll through them all so I settle on the same old styles and often end up returning items because the quality or fit isn’t quite right, but this is where Luxemme are different!

Their carefully selected stock means you can rest assured that the products they have are quality! For example, the outfit I ordered is the Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece, which is definitely not something I would normally think to order. I tend to avoid white because it can often be see through and also avoid co-ords because my top and bottom sizes are different and I am self conscious about my midsection, however this outfit looked like it would not be a problem in those areas and I was so right!

I guess before I even start talking about the product I should talk about the service up until that point! First off, the email service is perfect! You get an email to confirm your order has been placed and dispatched and you can track your order on your account with them as well which is perfect if you are as impatient as me!

Even better, when the product arrives it is all personalised, which just adds a really nice touch. You are excited about receiving your outfit anyway, but when it comes completely personalised it is even more exciting!


Anyway, now on to the outfit itself! It is made of a gorgeous material with two linings, the overskirt and the underskirt which contains the lace trim, which combined make the product completely not see through!

20150907_231108 20150907_231122

Despite the dual layers, the product wasn’t too heavy either which was perfect as I took mine to wear on the final night out of my holiday, so too heavy would have been uncomfortable in the high temperatures and humidity. Also considering it was a two piece which I ordered in a size 10, it fit surprisingly well. I think given the option I probably would have been better having a size 12 top and a 10 bottom (for comparison all the bikinis I bought for my holiday were size 8 bottoms and size 16 tops!) as the top was just a tiny bit tight, but not uncomfortably so! Both pieces with the lace trim were a really nice length as well, covering up just enough whilst still being sexy and when I showed my family the completed look I was greeted with a chorus of “oohs and aahs” which is definitely the sign of a beautiful outfit and made me feel really good! I love the lace detail and also the zip detailing on the back, which made what could have been an otherwise plain outfit into a complete showstopper! Teamed with a pair of block heeled sandals and a colourful kimono, I finished the outfit off and it truly was a head turner. I already cannot wait to wear it again and think it could be dressed down with white flats and a sleeveless jacket for a lower key trip out with friends, as well as teaming the separates with other items in my wardrobe to really keep it fresh and exciting 🙂


But how much is it I hear you all asking? Well in true Lifestyle for Less fashion the complete outfit was only £35 and it was probably one of the best outfits I have worn in a long time – so I think it is safe to say that is a complete bargain and would definitely recommend Luxemme to my friends and family (oh wait I already have!) and would urge you to all have a look too!

And hopefully something that will encourage you to take a look right now is this exclusive discount code! To make their products even more affordable, Luxemme have kindly given me a 10% discount code just for you 🙂 Just head here and use code LIFESTYLE4L to get 10% off (and even better if you head over now you are just in time for their new stock!)

So I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and modelling all the pictures! As always if you did don’t forget to let me know what you thought in the comments below, and of course like, share and follow me both here and on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

Lots of love, Leanne xx