Fashion feature: Embroidery

It’s been a while since I’ve written a fashion post and I’m loving being able to do this again. I see items and trends all the time that I love but then just never make time to write about them, but today I am making sure that I do.

And the trend we are focusing on today is the embroidery trend. It’s been around for a while, but seems to be getting bigger and better and is definitely the hot trend for Spring/Summer. From casual to evening and everything in between, there are pieces to suit every occasion and every body type and I want to go through some of my top embroidered picks from New Look.


Embroidered Boots – with a low heel and a flattering cut above the ankle these boots are both stylish and practical. They can be worn by any body shape and would dress up any outfit in a flash. A sensible addition to any wardrobe and a bargain at under £35!


Embroidered Skirt – Perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring, team with tights and above the knee boots for a dressed up but comfortable look. Even ideal for work!


Embroidered T-shirt – Not sure how to dress up the comfiest of all your outfits, jeans and a tee? A statement slouchy cut-out tee with some embroidered features, is the perfect way to keep you looking stylish and effortlessly cool and a bargain at under £10.


Embroidered Dress – Looking for an update to the classic LBD? Add embroidery of course! Combined with the mesh trend, this is a stunning yet simple addition to your wardrobe and can be dressed up with metallic heels and accessories or dressed down with tights and boots.


Embroidered Jeans –  Another twist on the comfy outfit is the embroidered jeans. Wear with a plain slouchy t-shirt or a vest and your favourite skinny jeans are automatically updated ready for all seasons and occasions.


Embroidered Jacket – Everyone should have a leather jacket in their wardrobe, but sometimes they can seem too harsh. Make it more feminine by picking up a leather jacket with embroidery to help make you stand out from the crowd.

Top tips though: remember not to combine your embroidered items. It may be tempting to wear your jeans, boots, tee and jacket together, but that would be overkill! Stick with one piece and make that your centrepiece.

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Lots of love, Leanne


Spring/Summer Fashion Updates – Sale shopping list

So you may remember that a few months back I talked you through my 4 top picks for spring (and summer) 2015, which you can read here if you haven’t already ! Well the stores are now having their sales and autumn stock is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your fave spring/summer looks, especially if you still have holidays booked like I have!

So because all the sales are now on (yay!) I thought I would recap some of the items I have picked up over the past few months, give you some ideas of how to wear them and link through to some fab pieces that you are going to want to snap up before they are gone 🙂


So the first look I talked about was the seventies vibe and I can tell you this is something I am only too happy to embrace fully!

My wardrobe is now full of seventies inspired pieces from flared jeans to flower crowns and I don’t know how I ever got through spring or summer without them! Needless to say I will be bringing most of these items back year after year because they match my personality so well!

Anyway, here are some of the items I bought:

Flared jeans – Next

Flower crown – Primark


Smock Dress – Primark


Hat – Tesco


Black palazzo – Tesco


Camel and suede:

Camel proved to be a little bit harder for me to pull off! My colouring is pretty fair so doing camel colour in a large go really doesn’t match my tones, however I found ways to make it work!

If you do have darker skin and hair, camel works well for you, so definitely look for longline camel coloured coats or even a skater dress/pinafore for a truly standout style

For me I picked up a couple of camel coloured suede items as these looked the best/highest quality but still for good prices, which is why I have combined these two 🙂

Camel skirt – Primark or Tu at Sainsburys

Camel shorts – H&M


Suede Camel Dress – New Look


I didn’t actually buy anything new which had fringing on it as I already owned a good amount, but the easiest way to do this is with an accessory! If you are feeling brave Primark have an amazing black fringed skirt which has such beautiful movement to it and is a real statement piece, however I couldn’t justify purchasing it as I wasn’t sure what to wear it with!

Here are items I would recommend you take a look out for in the sales:

Fringed handbag – Tesco


Fringed kimono – Boohoo

Fringed dress – Asos

So I hope this recap helped and gave you some ideas of where to go to pick up some items last minute! Don’t forget as well that loads of these pieces are definitely worth the investment as will be easily re-wearable/seasonally interchangeable (I will do a summer clothes for winter post in due course!) so don’t feel bad about spending your hard earned pennies on items like this so late in the season 🙂

Let me know what your favourite items of clothing have been this spring/summer in the comments below!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Summer holiday style

I’m back! I have missed you all whilst I have been away but I had the most amazing time in Lanzarote with friends and family 🙂 It was a much needed break, but I am very glad to be back and I can assure you that I thought about you all and my blog so much whilst I was away, which is why I have decided to do a post all about my summer holiday style 🙂

I should probably start off by saying Primark and New Look were my two key contributors to my holiday wardrobe! They did a massive range of summer clothes at fantastic prices, so any new stuff I got mostly came from these two stores. If you are about to jet off and you are looking for clothes, check them out (and quickly as the new stock is coming in for pre-autumn already!) 

So what outfits and pieces am I suggesting for the summer sun?

For me it’s all about light clothing with brilliant patterns and colours – fitting the sunny background of your destination and making your suitcase a bit lighter! I picked up a few Bardot style patterned bodycon dresses from Primark for £5 each and they were perfect to dress up in the evening.

For the day time I recommend high waisted shorts and vests or camis which look stylish, keep you cool and are easy to wear! I would definitely suggest steering clear of the shorts which are too short though as these don’t look chic! 

Maxi dresses and jumpsuits are also staples for evening wear so make sure you have a few of these packed! They often come in jersey  materials making them lightweight to pack and wear and patterns on jumpsuits and maxi dresses are often bold, perfect for summer!

And obviously essential are accessories and swimsuits: kaftans, block wedges, flower crowns and body chains all add to your summery look and really change an outfit from day to night! I’m a huge fan of my flower crown from Primark! And check out New Looks mix and match swimsuit collection – they have so many different colours and designs and are really affordable 🙂


So I hope this helped you get your summer suitcase ready if it wasn’t already 🙂 Let me know what looks you are loving at the moment in the comments below and make sure you follow, like and share here and on Twitter and Instagram!

Lots of love, Leanne xx

Winter boot edition and boot lust list…

Welcome everyone to my latest blog post! This post is all about my favourite boots that I already own and also a selection of boots perfect for all occasions and weathers which have pride of place on my lust list. I have wanted to do this post for ages but think that now is the right time (mainly because I seem to have resigned all of my other shoes to the cupboard in place of boots now that the freezing weather is here).

Anyway, there are so many different boots on the market that I thought I would do you a little run down on my favourites and of course where to buy them from if you are looking to keep your feet frost free this winter 🙂

So first off let me share with you some of my favourite boots that I already own:

Old boots (can't remember where I bought them from sorry!)

Old boots (can’t remember where I bought them from sorry!)

Snow Boots bought from Lidl a couple of winters ago and are perfect for dog walks in the cold and skiing :)

Snow Boots bought from Lidl a couple of winters ago and are perfect for dog walks in the cold and skiing 🙂

Cut out ankle boots from New Look. Bought last winter but there are some similar styles in stores this year too!

Cut out ankle boots from New Look. Bought last winter but there are some similar styles in stores this year too!

Ugg Boots - so warm and comfy

Ugg Boots – so warm and comfy

Platform ankle boots in snake print with cleated soles. Bought very recently from Primark. I'm obsessed with these shoes!!!

Platform ankle boots in snake print with cleated soles. Bought very recently from Primark. I’m obsessed with these shoes!!!

Comfy knee high quilted boots. Bought from eBay 2 years ago and they have now been worn almost to death

Comfy knee high quilted boots. Bought from eBay 2 years ago and they have now been worn almost to death

Black Chelsea boots, bought recently from Primark. Purchased from Oxford Street store, but they have these in most stores.

Black Chelsea boots, bought recently from Primark. Purchased from Oxford Street store, but they have these in most stores.

Now this isn’t all the boots that I own but I couldn’t be bothered to find them all (there are about 4 extra pairs) ranging from heeled knee highs to cut out ankle boots but I’m writing this whilst I’m in my onesie so this is as good as you are going to get this evening I’m afraid!

And now onto my lust list! There are all boots that I have my eyes on and will probably be purchased very soon – hopefully you find something on this list which you also like as again they range from day to evening wear, either way I want them!

  • Cleated sole thigh high boots – these boots are a complete nod to the 60’s. They are quite expensive, but when you consider what you are getting I guess it probably isn’t that much! These ones are from Pretty Little Thing and are available now (or when you have a spare £50!) and there are also some good alternatives on eBay, although these are both the best looking ones I’ve found.
  • Thigh high wedge boots  – I love these boots because they look so versatile as you can wear them so many different ways! Not only that they are soooo cheap 🙂 I will definitely be buying these as soon as I get paid next as an early Christmas present to myself. These are from eBay and again I cannot find any better alternatives.
  • Ugg boots – haven’t linked to these as I am sure you all either have a pair or can find a pair somewhere. Don’t even have to be real – loads of places do good cheap alternatives which are perfect for snuggly winter feet 🙂
  • Chelsea boots with metallic heel – I am loving shoes with metal hardware or trim at the moment, I think they instantly transform casual daytime boots in to something much more elegant. (again I found these on eBay – I spend way too much time on there!)
  • Fur trimmed wedge boots – These look both warm, comfy and are so beautiful. Again from eBay they come in a range of different colours and look like an absolute staple boot to have in your collection as they would be perfect for a day in town right through to a dinner in the evening!
  • Cut out boots – These boots are so cute and are from Chockers Shoes. The shoes on there can be a bit hit and miss and from times can look a bit cheap, but I am loving the cut out ankle boot trend and especially like these with the added tassel as tassel and fringe seems to be really in at the moment – so why not kill two birds with one stone and combine trends 🙂
  • Camel ankle boots – I have no idea what I would wear these with but wow, these look so incredible! I need these in my life! These are also from Pretty Little Thing and if you havent checked out their website before they do amazing stuff – I especially love their shoe collection (obviously) and also their selection of co-ords! I think they started as an accessories retailer but have branched out into clothing and are seriously taking on (and in my opinion) out performing the likes of Missguided and Boohoo due to their impressive and varied choice of clothing 🙂

Not just in winter but all year around, boots are the perfect addition to dress up any outfit, from a casual skater skirt and t-shirt with ankle boots and socks or a heeled pair over a pair of jeans they just always seem to work, however, when winter comes around again (and autumn too when I can finally part with my strappy heels and sandals) boots are my go to for any outfit.

I’ll try to remember to post you some of my outfits over the next week both here and on Instagram so you can see how I wear and style my boots in all different situations 🙂

Anyway, I hope you liked this post! I know it’s nothing special, but at the very least I hope it made you want to embrace the cold weather and maybe even gave you a few ideas of what to add to your xmas pressie list for Santa 🙂

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Lots of love, Leanne