New Year, New Me…. Or not!

I totally understand why people choose January to make commitments and massive life changes, however for me it just doesn’t work.


No Shit November – Wrap Up

No Shit November Wrap Up Hey everyone, I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I have been so busy with gymnastics and just exhausted from general life that I haven’t had the brain capacity to write anything good! But I am back now and thought I would wrap up No Shit November … Continue reading No Shit November – Wrap Up

No Shit November update!

Hey everyone me again! I have another No Shit November update for you and to be honest, it’s been terrible! This week, I haven’t stuck to any of the plan I laid out at the beginning of November 😦 I guess one of the upsides to this though is that I always aim to write … Continue reading No Shit November update!

Weightloss Update – short and sweet!

So this week has been the first week of the year where it really felt like Summer, and that to me set alarm bells ringing! I have about 11 weeks to lose 11lbs (or the equivalent in inches) before I go on holiday as at the moment I am in no way summer body ready! … Continue reading Weightloss Update – short and sweet!

10 in 10 series: Part 1. Losing 10% Body Fat in 10 weeks

Welcome to my latest post! This is a pretty special one as it's the first in a new series I want to do over the next weeks and months about my fitness journey to lose 10% body fat in 10 weeks.

Weight loss and exercise – How I do it!

Hey everyone, it’s a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – although when I say lovely I mean rainy, but it’s still fun! I thought to change it up a bit today I would just do a casual post with no reviews or tutorials (although I have loads of those to do … Continue reading Weight loss and exercise – How I do it!