It’s okay to feel flat, fat and fed up sometimes

I know I have been rubbish at posting blogs lately, life has been busy in general and after coming down with a horrible chesty infection a few weeks ago, going away on holiday and then having to deal with Andy’s broken wrist since being back it’s all been a bit much! However, I am slowing down a bit to commit to writing some more.


No Shit November update!

Hey everyone me again! I have another No Shit November update for you and to be honest, it’s been terrible! This week, I haven’t stuck to any of the plan I laid out at the beginning of November 😦 I guess one of the upsides to this though is that I always aim to write … Continue reading No Shit November update!

Keeping fit and more importantly healthy!

Hey everyone, This is just a short post on something which anyone who knows me will know I talk about a lot! There is nothing worse than going somewhere and touching something which you know is dirty, like handrails and stuff, but at the gym it's pretty hard to avoid! I love going to the … Continue reading Keeping fit and more importantly healthy!

Fat Loss Mission: Back on the Bandwagon

Fat Loss Mission: Back on the Bandwagon - It’s time again for a fat fighting update! This is my first one since I admitted that I had kind of slipped head first off the fitness bandwagon, but I am firmly back on now and my journey continues!

10 in 10 Series part 5: Can I have an extension?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly all your hard work starts to come undone! I wish it came off as quickly as it all goes back on!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Hey everyone, Today is a post I have both been really looking forward to sharing with you all but is also the post I’ve been most nervous about! I’ve been debating whether to post this for such a long time, but I figured if I do post it and it helps just one person feel … Continue reading Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

10 in 10 series part 4: Where has my willpower gone?

Hey everyone, It’s that time again for another update on my fat loss mission and to be honest this is a post I’ve been putting off! I really haven’t done as well as I would have liked over the past few weeks due to a breakdown in willpower and an increasingly busy schedule getting in … Continue reading 10 in 10 series part 4: Where has my willpower gone?